TWIC 1147 Nov 1-2016

Berlin Wall(C67)


There were some subtle endgame points in this rapid game.

Position 1

After 21.hg(Diagram)

How should Black defend?

  • (a)21..Kb7 connected the rooks
  • (b)21..Bxg5 giving up the bishop pair but simplifying down.
  • (c)something else
After 21.hg

After 21.hg

Position 2

After 29..g6(Diagram)

How should White continue?

  • (a)30.Rf3 supporting the thematic f4-f5 break
  • (b)30.Rd2 preparing to transfer the rook to either the a,h-files
  • (c)something else
After 29..g6

After 29..g6


Berlin Defence(C65) 4.d3 Bc5

The Qe2/0-0-0 plus a kingside pawn storm is a popular plan to try and kill the solid Berlin Defence.

After 18.Kb1(Diagram)

White is lined up the push the kingside pawns and force the issue using the h-file. How should Black respond?

After 18.Kb1

After 18.Kb1


The issue in this game is how to defend against a 2600 who is about to throw everything at the kingside.

Two Knights Defense

After 24.b3(Diagram)

White is about to swing over to the kingside for the attack. The queenside pieces are a bit congested. The Bb6 is passive and the Rb8 is doing nothing special. White has a few ideas based on handy rook lifts like Rg3 or Rh3 and can of course aim for f4-f5-f6 breaking open the kingside.

How should Black react?

  • (a)24..Qe6
  • (b)24..Qf5
  • (c)something else
After 24.b3

After 24.b3

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