NIC Magazine 2016#7 November


Another treat from the postman came today-NIC Magazine Issue 2016#7.

Issue 2016#7

Issue 2016#7


I don’t play 1.e4 but the following line seems like an interesting idea to be aware of.

The 6.Qd3 Taimanov Sicilian is featured.

6.Qd3 Taimanov Sicilian

6.Qd3 Taimanov Sicilian

The idea is to quickly transfer the queen to the kingside(Qg3) for an attack if ..0-0. One nuance is that White does not object to a queen trade which gives White some pull after the h-file opens on the hg recapture after ..Qxg3.



In the main line I found a logical way to deviate from the SOS analysis which seemed quite logical.


SOS only gives 18.Bd3 but I prefer to connect rooks first and keep the d-file clear for Rd1 to pressure the d-pawn. Anyhow I would rather not have to attempt and fail a memory contest and have at one original idea that I understand.



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