BTCh 2016-17 Rd2

MTK II 6-Vizügyi 6


London System vs Slav

I tried something new and quickly obtained a good position only to blunder an exchange for a pawn in silly fashion. However, I had compensation and the position was still roughly equal.

Later my opponent also blundered and I gained a pawn and close to a winning position. However, I did not realize the size of my advantage nor know what to do with it.

I thought I was defending and when my opponent offered a draw I quickly accepted. However only when I checked the game at home did I sadly realize that I was clearly winning when I took the draw.

After 35..Kh7(Diagram)

The White bishop and knight look out of play on the queenside and block the a,b pawns. Black is threatening ..Bd5 with some kingside threats so I thought White was defending. Otherwise the passed d-pawn is a worry and can be supported with ..Rd8.

But oh dear, I was dead wrong!

After 35..Kh7

After 35..Kh7











GM Kallai,Gabor, MTK I-board 1(right)


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