The focus is on Hungarian chess and my chess experiences since moving to Budapest in 2009. The emphasis is on the games, players and analysis. My hope is to present the hidden world of Hungarian chess.

  1. Good morning. I found on this site results of Zalakaros Open 2013 Rd9 Final Standings-GM Gonda(HUN). Please, do you have or maybe you are able to found out where I can get resutls (Final Standings) of Zalakaros Kupa 2000 and 2002. Scanned printings are also fine.
    Thank you in advance for any kind of answer.
    nino from Zagreb, Hrvatska
    P.S. on http://www.365chess.com/tournaments/Zalakaros_Cup_2002/2051 there are results but this table is not correct (maybe for first ten players only)

    • Probably you should write to the Hungarian Chess Federation. This was before I arrived in Hungary

      • Hi,

        Can you tell me, which markets or places in Budapest are good to visit, if you wish to buy older second-hand collectible chess-sets ? Would e.g. Ecseri Piac be a good location ?

        Thanks and best regards,


  2. Thank you. I just did that.
    kind regards, nino

  3. Hello I like your website. Could you tell me how I can buy a set of the chess pieces used in the tournaments in the pictures?
    I am a collector in the USA.
    Thank you,
    Gerald Grimsley

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