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e4ChessNews and d4ChessNews March 11 2013


TWIC 956
Even a strong player can lose his way in a complex opening like the Sicilian Scheveningen. Here is a recent example.

Noroozi,O (2347) – Ghaem Maghami,E (2568) 
Sicilian Scheveningen 6.Be2 w/Qe1-g3[B85]
21st Fajr Open Mashhad IRI (6.1), 23.02.2013

White to Play


TWIC 944
Schandorff proposes 5.a3 against the Albin Counter-Gambit and this line continues to be popular and successful. White won with a thematic attack in the feature game.

Mirzoev,A (2553) – Bentivegna,F (2335)
Albin Counter-Gambit 5.a3 Bg4[D08] 

33rd Crespi Memorial Milan ITA (6.5), 06.12.2012

White to Play

d4ChessNews March 8 2013 Posts


2 games from TWIC 956 for 1.d4 players.

Game 1 Dutch Stonewall
The Nh3+Bf4 method is a nice way to deal with the solid Stonewall. Black went a bit far on the kingside in an ambitious attempt to create kingside chances and was severely dealt with.

Vovk,Y (2594) – Bruno,Fabi (2440)
Dutch Stonewall 5.Nh3[A90]
29th Open Cappelle la Grande FRA (7.17), 28.02.2013

White to Play

Game 2 Benko Gambit g3
The Benko Gambit is a popular defence which requires concrete handling. The 8.g3 Bg7 9.Bg2 line is one such method and now 9…Nfd7!? is popular. White achieved nothing special in the feature game but got chances when black tried too hard and went astray in complex play.

WIM Anned Haast(NED) in 2009
Photo ChessVibes Limburg-open Report (via Google Images)

Popilski,G (2518) – Haast,A (2268)
Benko 8.g3 Bg7 9.Bg2 Nfd7!? [A58]
29th Open Cappelle la Grande FRA (6.41), 27.02.2013

White to Play

d4ChessNews Blog 2013-March-07 Posts

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Two games from TWIC 956 are presented.

  • Game 1 shows how harmful poor preparation can be for black.
  • Game 2 shows a nice attack in the 7.Qa4+ exchange variation after some enterprising play from white and some cooperative defence from black. 

Game 1
Black made an odd opening choice as Avrukh already analyzed to move 23 as clear advantage for white in 1.d4 Vol2(Quality Chess 2009). No improvement was shown and white put an a nice endgame display to claim the win.

This game serves as a warning for unprepared Grunfeld players.

Borovikov,V (2557) – Mladenov,P (2421)
Grunfeld g3 10.Re1 e5[D76]
29th Open Cappelle la Grande FRA (3.22), 25.02.2013

White to Play

Game 2
The search for weapons to use against the Grunfeld continues. The disruptive check 7.Qa4+ produced a complex game after 7…Qd7 but the result of the game was not related to the opening.

Vishnu,P (2483) – Adhiban,Baskaran (2547)
Grunfeld Exchange 7.Qa4+ Qd7[D85]
33rd TCh-IND 2013 Hyderabad IND (8.1), 25.02.2013

White to Play


Other Blog Posts 2013-03-06

Two interesting games from yesterday’s TWIC 956 are covered.


TWIC 956
The Grunfeld is a perpetual headache for 1.d4 players. Schandorff proposes the Russian System(5.Qb3) in Play 1.d4: The Indian Defences(Quality Chess 2012) so Grunfelders need to be well prepared for all the nuances.

Howell goes with a super-refinement, 8.a4 against the sharp Hungarian variation which is now catching on. White had a typical massage going but blundered a piece. It’s not clear how Howell won as the final position is clearly winning for black. 

Analysis shows that the 8.a4 still holds some promise and the value of the game is not lost.

Howell,D (2634) – Plat,V (2452) 
Grunfeld Russian System 7..a6 8.Qa4[D97]
4NCL 2012–13 Staverton ENG (5.111), 23.02.2013

White to Play



TWIC 956
The 6.Be3 e5 7.Nb3 Be6 8.f3 h5 kingside restraint method of defending the English attack remains the hot trend. This idea is analyzed thoroughly in The Sharpest Sicilian 2012(Chess Stars 2012).

White went all out for the attack with 17.g4 but one inaccuracy was enough to lead to a collapse of the kingside.

Fuchs,Ju (2292) – Popilski,G (2518) [B90]
SI Najdorf 6.f3 e5 7.Nb3 Be6 8.Be3 h5(B90)
29th Open Cappelle la Grande FRA (1.53), 23.02.2013

Black to Play


d4ChessNews Blog Posts March 2 2013

This is my new blog for 1.d4 openings news and ideas.

King’s Indian Defence-TWIC 955
I found 3 interesting games in the Classical variation of the King’s Indian. Previously I had prepared the Saemisch variation but now some backup ideas are needed in my repertoire.

Game 1
Rodshtein,M got a queenside bind going with an early c5 and then had to win the game over again after letting the advantage slip away.

Rodshtein,M (2616) – Manolache,M (2533) 
King’s Indian Classical 6.h3[E90]
29th Open Cappelle la Grande FRA (4.5), 25.02.2013

Game 2
Eljanov,P obtained a crushing bind after black chose to keep the queens on and play for middlegame complications.

Eljanov,P (2678) – L’Ami,Alina (2362) 
King’s Indian Classical 7.Be3 ed[E92]
Reykjavik Open 2013 Reykjavik ISL (2.7), 20.02.2013

Game 3
The bayonet variation saw action (9.b4 Nh5 E97) but with 10.g3 as opposed to 10.Re1. In the featured game, Yilmaz got a massive kingside attack after black loosened the kingside.

Yilmaz,M (2531) – L’Ami,Alina (2362) 
King’s Indian Classical 9.b4 Nh5 10.g3 [E97]
Reykjavik Open 2013 ISL (6.21), 23.02.2013

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