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Polgar Sisters Interview(Video)

From Las Vegas
A question-and-answer session with the Polgar Family, and a bonus lecture by Susan on chess principles, tactics and combinations.

Interview with GM Portisch(Hungarian Language)-Video

Interview with Portisch,l(Hungarian Language)

Portisch Simul 2011
GM Portish is still a very popular player.

Youtube BeautyandChessGeek-Orlova and the GM

Youtube BeautyandChess BeautyandChessGeek
The first official chess video is Harikrishna-Van Wely from Tata Steel A 2013 in a smashing Sicilian win for white.

Alvarez has a real talent for communcating, in this fine initial video series.

‘Hello! GM Alejandro Tadeo Ramirez Alvarez (Chess Geek) and WCM Yelizaveta (Beauty) here! This is a Youtube channel about chess. We will be making videos about some of the recent chess tournaments going on, analyzing games, openings, and players!

Sometimes we will be together for the videos, but most of times will be seperately! Yelizaveta currently lives in Canada, while Alejandro lives in USA.’
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Here’s the game.

Grace and Excellence-From Irish Chess Union

Here is a promotional video from the Irish Chess Union.