TWIC 1184 July 18-2017

The Accelerated Dragon 7.Bc4(B35)

Canadian IM Panjawani gives a complete Black repertoire based on 2..g6, “The Hyper Accelerated Dragon”.

The Panjwani System got a boost from GM Edouard in the last TWIC issue.

8..a6!? is covered in depth in chapter 3.


Panjwani System 7.Bc4 0-0 8.Bb3 a6

White introduced a harmless novelty 11.0-0 and got nothing from the opening.

After 18.Nac5(Diagram)

Black is better but what is the best way to continue?

After 18.Nac5


TWIC 1183 July 11-2017

Sicilian Sidelines

Game 1: Daulyte-Jones,G

English GM Jones is well-known for his 2-volume books on The Sicilian Dragon. He also uses the 2..g6 Hyper Accelerated Dragon.

Hyper Acclerated Dragon(B27)

After 15.Qc4(Diagram)

Black faced the 15.Qc4 novelty in the 4.Qxd4 sideline.

After 15.Qc4

Later in the game

After 22..Ne7(Diagram)

White has some pressure in the endgame but continued inaccurately.

After 22..Ne7

Game 2: Bartel-Cheparinov

Rossolimo Sicilian 3.Bb5+Nd7(B51)

After 25..Kh7(Diagram)

White has an impressive kingside buildup but how to continue?

After 22..Kh7


Semi-Tarrasch Defence 11.Rc1!?

A Line for White

Saturday afternoon has come and gone.

Between tournaments, everyone is usually busy stockpiling lines for their repertoire databases. Ideas can come from anywhere but one key source is the New in Chess Yearbook.



11.Rc1 has received some attention in YB121(IM Karolyi,T) so I thought it was worth a deeper look.

11.Bc4 is the aggressive old main line that I was familiar with based on some old games that I remembered, for example Polugaevsky-Tal. However, it has been a while since I updated the little that I know.

After 11.Rc1

Swayams-Tica, Zalakaros 2017

After 23..Qb6(Diagram)

White is clearly dominating but how to finish the job?

After 23..Qb6



TWIC 1182 July 4 2017

From TWIC 1182 July 4

Sicilian Taimanov


7.Qf3 Queen Transfer Variation(B48)

After 35.Bd4(Diagram)

White blocked the a1-h8 diagonal to secure the queenside but there is a big problem now.

Black to play and win now.

After 35.Bd4

London System

Le Quang Liem-Tang,A

White did nothing really special in the opening and was invited to kill the housebound Black king.

After 20..Kg7(Diagram)

How to continue with the kingside assault?

After 20..Kg7


Repair Work June 29-2017

More painful but necessary work. I have fallen into the bad habit of not checking key losses very carefully but after the poor results from my last two tournaments, it is clear something has gone wrong and needs fixing.

Step one is find all the mistakes and then isolate the cause(s).


This was the first of two losses in my last tournament.

Queen’s Indian Defence

Art Pub Open June 2017

After 19.g4(Diagram)

How should Black defend the kingside?

After 19.g4

After 22..Kh8(Diagram)

Things have gone badly for Black and now it is White to play and win essentially.

After 22..Kh8

TWIC 1181- June 26 2017

TWIC 1181(2516 games) June 26 is now available.

King’s Indian Defence


This game was practically two games in one as White had the upper hand in the early going before losing thread of the game.


After 22..Rb8(Diagram)

White has three minor pieces for Q+P but his king is exposed. How should White continue?


Later in the game

After 31.Bg2(Diagram)

It is hard to figure out who is doing what to whom. How should Black continue?

After 31.Bg2


Painful Repair Work June 24-2017

I usually work quite hard but have gotten away from checking my own games in enough detail lately and drawing correct conclusions from mistakes made. Re-living painful losses is not much fun but I have lost around 45 elo points in my last two tournaments so again, I have to conclude that something is not right and must be fixed.

Here is the result of Saturday evening’s work.


June Art Pub Open 2017

Rossolimo Sicilian 3..d6

After 16.Nc3(Diagram)

Black must find a good  plan now. I failed to do this in the game.

After 16.Nc3

After 18.Rxd6(Diagram)

Black is committed to taking on e4 but which way is correct? I chose the wrong way in the game.

After 18.Rxd6

Little helper(left). Black to play and win.


I need all the help I can get

Practice makes perfect 🙂

TWIC 1180

Closed Catalan


After 29.Rc2(Diagram)

Black is more active but what is the plan now?

After 29.Rc2

TWIC 1179 The Rossolimo Sicilian 3.Bb5+ Nd7!?

The Rossolimo Sicilian 3.Bb5+ Nd7

3..Nd7 keeps more tension in the position than 3..Bd7.

Selected games


Black has the better structure but how to proceed?

After 28.Rd3

Later in the game

After 40..Rf5(Diagram)

The Qg5 is attacked so how should White press the attack?

After 40..Rf5

Later in the rook ending after 53..Ra2(Diagram)

Does Black has enough counterplay? Continue for White.

After 53..Ra2


Thank You!

Thank you! to all my birthday well wishers and to Kinga for the lovely cake.

Kinga(left) made me this beautiful cake


I swear I did chess work today, like usual. There was just a bigger than usual lunch break.