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TCh-SVK Extraliga 2012–13 GM Varga,Z(HUN)

Here is an interesting game from recent TCh-SVK action(TWIC 946)

Varga,Zo (2455) – Druska,J (2310)
Sicilian 3Bb5 g6[B31]
TCh-SVK Extraliga 2012–13 SlovakiaSVK (4.2), 25.11.2012

Position 1
The position is closed. What do you suggest for white?
-Something else

White to Play


Position 2
This position is sharp. What should white do now?

White to Play


Groningen 2012 Rd2 Hansen,E(CAN)

Here is Hansen’s rd2 game against Kuling,Lody(2246).


White avoided premature simplification but soon ended up in difficulties.

Sicilian 3.Bb5+ Bd7[B52]
SFG 2012 Groningen (2), 12.05.2012

Position 1
The misplaced Na7 leaves white in big trouble. How should black exploit this factor? 

Black to Play


GM Master Class: GM Nevednichy,V The Knight Pair

Here is an example of knight pair play against BN from the recent Hungarian TCh 2012-13 Rd5.


Nevednichy,V (2554) – Horvath,Zs (2400)
Sicilian 3.Bb5+ [B52]
TCh-HUN 2012–13 Paks HUN (5), 02.12.2012

Critical Position 1
The position is slightly better for white at best. The real question is what to do and how to conduct the game. Tactical play is not the focus here. First it is necessary to understand the position and the needs of each side.
What do you propose for white?

  • Play on the queenside-Nc4 is the strongpoint of white’s position and opening lines with a5 makes sense.
  • Play in the center-White has two knights. One is alredy well placed on c4. The other belongs on d5.
  • Something else

 White to Play




Vintage Portisch on the 3.Bb5+ Sicilian(B52)

Here is an interesting game in a very popular sideline.

The middlegame themes illustrated include

  • Queenside counterplay
  • Quiet maneuvering
  • Small tactics
  • Choosing the right pawn center

Garcia Martinez,Silvino – Portisch,Lajos [B52]
Palma de Mallorca Palma de Mallorca (2), 1971

Critical Position 1
Black has an equal position. The forces are not yet in direct contact. Now it is time to form a plan. What do you propose for black?

Black to play

Critical Position 2
White is attacking Nb6. What should black do?

Black to play

Critical Position 3
The stray rook is almost trapped. How do you play?

Black to play