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Grunfeld Trends TWIC 948(2013-Jan-08)

Here is a recent game in the 8.Rb1 Exchange variation(D85) played in Basel this month.

Loetscher,R(2395)-Vachier Lagrave,M (2711)

Grunfeld Exchange 8.Rb1[D85]
Hilton Master Open 2013 Basel SUI (4.2), 03.01.2013

Position 1
The counterattack is well underway. How should black continue?

Black to Play


Groningen 2012 Rd9-GM Hansen,E

Here is GM Hansen’s clutch rd9 Groningen win with a sharp Grunfeld.

Michalik,P (2508) – Hansen,Eric (2539)
Grunfeld Russian System 7…Nc6[D97]
Groningen Open A Groningen NED (9.4), 30.12.2012

Position 1
Black has a pawn and the queenside majority as compensation for the exchange. How should black respond to the 39.a3 challenge?

Black to Play


Grunfeld Trends 2012 TWIC 946;Verifying Schandorff 1.d4 The Indian Defences

Schandorff proposes the following line in Playing 1.d4 The Indian Defences(Quality Chess 2012).

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5 4.Nf3 Bg7 5.Qb3 dxc4 6.Qxc4 0–0 7.e4 a6 8.e5 b5 9.Qb3 Nfd7 10.Ng5!?


Here is a recent(TWIC 946) game played in this line. Scandorff bases his idea on a 2010 Carlsen game where black played 12…Bf5 but now the trend is to 12…Na5 and other moves.

I found improvements for both sides in this game with black’s coming before white’s. My overall conclusion is that 10.Ng5 leads to equal but complex play.

Grunfeld Russian System 7…a6[D97]
AICF-AAI Cup 2012 New Delhi IND (2.2),22.12.2012

Position 1
In the early middlegame white seems to have nothing special going on. What do you suggest?

White to Play

Position 2
Black must make a key decision in this RRB-RRB ending. What do you suggest for black
  • 24…Rfc8(as played in the game) activating the rook at the cost of a pawn. After …Rc2, the active rook fully compensates for the pawn.
  • 24…Bf6 defends both pawns but black is no closer to full mobilization
  • Something else
 Black to Play

Trends in the Grunfeld 2012

Here is a game from TWIC 946(this Xmas morning!) from a topical Grunfeld line. The game was played in the World Cities TCh.

The rd2 opening move ceremony

Grunfeld Exchange 7.Qa4+[D85]
World Cities Team GpB Al-Ain UAE(2.6),23.12.2012

Position 1
White is building up for an attack. The bishops are ready and the central pawn chain blunts Bg7. What is next for white?

White to Play


TWIC 945 Grunfeld Developments

TWIC 945 was a quiet issue for Grunfelds. I picked one interesting game from the 5th Kolkata Open(IND) The game was won by GM Abhijit Kunte. Amongst Kunte’s numerous accomplishments is winning the 2006 Canadian Open Championship.

Tournament Results
Dzhumaev,M and Sethuraman,S shared first with 8/11.

table.tableizer-table { border: 1px solid #CCC; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; } .tableizer-table td { padding: 4px; margin: 3px; border: 1px solid #ccc; } .tableizer-table th { background-color: #104E8B; color: #FFF; font-weight: bold; }

Name Rating Points
1 Dzhumaev,M 2530 8.0/11
2 Sethuraman,S 2520 8.0/11
3 Wojtaszek,R 2734 7.5/11
4 Sengupta,D 2540 7.5/11
5 Ganguly,S 2630 7.5/11
6 Ni Hua 2660 7.5/11
7 Tiviakov,S 2663 7.5/11

The Playing Venue-4th Kolkata Open
Photo Chessdom
GM Abhijit Kunte
Photo and background from KunteChessAcademy
‘He Started playing Chess at the age of 8.
• Became India’s 4th Grandmaster in the year 2000 and second from Maharashtra.
• Four Asian (Three Team and one Individual) medals (1 Gold ,2 silver, 1 bronze).
• Two Commonwealth (individual) medals. (1 silver, 1 Bronze).
• Member of Indian Team for past 10 years.
• Represented India in last consecutive four Chess Olympiads.
• Member of Indian Team which one Gold Medal at Asian Team Chess Championship at Iran. This is India’s 1st Gold Medal.
• Winner of Canadian Open at Kitchner 2006.

Kunte,A (2511) – Gupta,Ab (2662)
Schlecter Slav 6.Bd3 [D94]
5th Kolkata Open IND (11.8), 13.12.2012

Position 1
The knight attacks Re7 and b7. How should black defend?

  • 20…Re7 (as played)
  • 20…Qc7
  • Something else

Black to Play


Position 2
Black has just played 20…Re7 to secure b7 and the rook. Now white has to make some big decisions for example what is the future for Nd6? What do you suggest for white?

White to Play


Grunfeld Trends 2012

The following position is now very popular in the g3 Grunfeld.

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.g3 Bg7 4.Bg2 d5 5.cxd5 Nxd5 6.Nf3 Nb6 7.Nc3 Nc6 8.e3 0–0 9.0–0 Re8 10.Re1 a5

Here is an important recent game showing the latest developments.

Sargissian,G (2679) – Vachier Lagrave,M (2711)
Grunfeld g3 10.Re1 a5[D76]
TCh-ESP CECLUB Div Honor 2012 Leon ESP (1.4), 05.11.2012

Position 1
White is preparing to attack on the dark squares. Assess the alternatives and recommend one for black

Black to Play

Position 2
What should black do now?
32…Rdxd5(chops off the active Rd5 and leaves Re5 in the center)
32…Red5(chops off the active Rd5 and leaves Rd7 to guard the 7th rank)
32…f6(holds the important e5 point and keeps up the pressure on Rd5)
32…Rde7(seems passive and gives up the d-file)
Black to Play