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Rakosmente Open 2013-06: Gallery Part 2

More Pics-Gallery

General action about to start

FM Mihok(left) getting ready



Future masters ready to go

Yip, Michael(CAN)
Yes, that’s me 

Rakosmente Open Gallery 2013-04: Part II

More action-Round 2
The tournament is hosted by my club-Rakosligeti(RAC). There are two main playing rooms and a library room which can hold 4 more boards. There is steady stream on young players getting their initial steps in tournament play in small Budapest opens playing in the G/90 format.

The President of the Hungarian Chess Federation-Revesz,Mariusz

Revesz,Mariusz(left) about to play Yip,Michael-CAN(right)


Almost a great pic until someone walked by

Rakosmente Open Gallery 2013-04: Part I

Here is some of the action.

A small crowd around arbiter and organizer-Nadasi,Balasz 
anxious for the pairings

Arbiter Nadasi making some announcements

Ready, set,…think!

Rakosmente Open Gallery 2013-02

Here is some of the action.