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Trends 2012 QGD f3 Exchange Variation(D35)

The f3 Exchange variation is the repertoire recommendation of Schandorff in Playing 1.d4 The Queen’s Gambit(Quality Chess 2012).

Here is a game from GM Timofeev,Arty played in the Polugaevsky Memorial 2012.

As an intro here is a video on another Timofeev game.

Timofeev,Arty (2641) – Mokshanov,A (2413)
QGD f3 Exchange Variation[D35]
2nd Polugaevsky Mem Samara RUS (3.10), 07.07.2012

Position 1
The kingside attack is well underway. White had previously sacrifice a piece for three pawns to open up the kingside. How should the attack to be continued?

White to Play