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BTCh Monday League 6-Board 2016-17 Rd4 Nov 28,2017

MTK narrowly won 3,5-2,5 after the top two boards narrowly lost.

I won my game on board 3.


White’s kingside was very loose after 44.f4(Diagram)

After 44.f4

After 44.f4








BTCh Rd3 2016-17: MTK

MTK won one match and lost one this past Sunday.

Tapolca Rockwool VSE – MTK Budapest: 4-8


SE Kisbér-Ászár – MTK Budapest II.: 7-5

I contributed a draw with Black but MTK lost the match.


After 23.Bd1(Diagram)

My kingside looks quite loose as White prepares to exploit the light squares but Black has the h-file and a useful knight that can hop into f4.

I had one chance to be clever in the game and missed my chance.

After 23.Bd1

After 23.Bd1

My opponent offered my a draw in what he thought was an even position but some computer checking showed that I was White who had the chances.

I took the offer without much hesitation as White also had a big rating and I was Black and feeling quite sleepy in the game.

Budapest Team Ch 2016-17 Nov 20

I hung on for a draw in a pawn down rook ending.

Zoltan,L-Yip,M Board 9

[Sorry having some trouble getting the CB game reader to work. Hope it is better tomorrow]

I missed a tricky win in the early going(sorry!)

I just recaptured 20..Rxe6(Diagram)

Things were looking good for Black with a clear pawn up.

After 20..Rxe6

After 20..Rxe6

White started a combination with 21.Bxd5(diagram) with the idea of capitalizing on the d-file pin.

Black to play(and win)

After 21.21.Bxd5

After 21.21.Bxd5

Much later

After 53.Rh8(diagram)

Black has the draw but I found a losing move.

After 53.Rh8

After 53.Rh8

Much later,

After 67.Rh4(Diagram)

White is threatening mate so what to do with the king?

After 67.Rh4

After 67.Rh4

I chose correctly to hold the draw.

I. osztály, Lilienthal csoport
SENSE I – Sirály I 7,5:4,5
Barcza GSC I – Fabulon-Lombik-1st Sat. 4:8
Palota Sakk I – Vasas SC II 7:5
Pénzügyőr SE III – Tabáni Spartacus II 5,5:6,5
MTK Budapest III – Mattolda SSC I 6:6
BEAC II – Újpesti KSE I 8,5:3,5

II. osztály, Bilek csoport
Csepeli TK – Pestszentlőrinc II 8:4
Barcza GSC II – SENSE II 5,5:6,5
HÜSI SC II – Törekvés SE 7:5
A. Láng MKKE – Aquaréna KSC III 4:8
MTK Budapest IV – Mattolda SSC II 6,5:5,5
BEAC III – Sárkány DSE II 6:6

III. osztály, Szén csoport
Pénzügyőr SE IV – Rákosliget 7,5:4,5
MLTC II – MTK Budapest V 7:5
Aquaréna KSC IV – Palota Sakk II 6:6
ATTE-ARISZ – Sárkány DSE III 4,5:7,5
Pestszentimre – BEAC IV 6,5:5,5
Barcza GSC III – HASE III-Hóbagoly 4:8
HÜSI SC III – Aquaréna KSC V 5,5:6,5
Sirály II – Újpesti KSE II 10:2






New MTK player Camilla Husson(left)








BTCh 6-Board 2016-17 Rd3

MTK won on the top two boards and lost one other game as I left. Not sure how the team did against Pestszentimrei SK.

Yip-Papp,L Board 2

London System against Hippo

I tried something new(again) in the opening did nothing really special against the Hippo formation.

The game was over quickly when my opponent blundered material and the endgame was a straightforward of an extra exchange and pawn.


After 31..Kg5

After 31..Kg5






BTCh 2016-17 Rd2

MTK II 6-Vizügyi 6


London System vs Slav

I tried something new and quickly obtained a good position only to blunder an exchange for a pawn in silly fashion. However, I had compensation and the position was still roughly equal.

Later my opponent also blundered and I gained a pawn and close to a winning position. However, I did not realize the size of my advantage nor know what to do with it.

I thought I was defending and when my opponent offered a draw I quickly accepted. However only when I checked the game at home did I sadly realize that I was clearly winning when I took the draw.

After 35..Kh7(Diagram)

The White bishop and knight look out of play on the queenside and block the a,b pawns. Black is threatening ..Bd5 with some kingside threats so I thought White was defending. Otherwise the passed d-pawn is a worry and can be supported with ..Rd8.

But oh dear, I was dead wrong!

After 35..Kh7

After 35..Kh7











GM Kallai,Gabor, MTK I-board 1(right)


TWIC 1148 Nov 8-2016

Krk Golden Island Open(CRO)

Promising junior Ongut, Tamas(HUN) was in action.


Colle-Zukertort System

After 24.Nb3(Diagram)

Black has taken over the centre and is clearly pressing.

After 24.Nb3

After 24.Nb3


NIC Magazine 2016#7 November


Another treat from the postman came today-NIC Magazine Issue 2016#7.

Issue 2016#7

Issue 2016#7


I don’t play 1.e4 but the following line seems like an interesting idea to be aware of.

The 6.Qd3 Taimanov Sicilian is featured.

6.Qd3 Taimanov Sicilian

6.Qd3 Taimanov Sicilian

The idea is to quickly transfer the queen to the kingside(Qg3) for an attack if ..0-0. One nuance is that White does not object to a queen trade which gives White some pull after the h-file opens on the hg recapture after ..Qxg3.



In the main line I found a logical way to deviate from the SOS analysis which seemed quite logical.


SOS only gives 18.Bd3 but I prefer to connect rooks first and keep the d-file clear for Rd1 to pressure the d-pawn. Anyhow I would rather not have to attempt and fail a memory contest and have at one original idea that I understand.



TWIC 1147 Nov 1-2016

Berlin Wall(C67)


There were some subtle endgame points in this rapid game.

Position 1

After 21.hg(Diagram)

How should Black defend?

  • (a)21..Kb7 connected the rooks
  • (b)21..Bxg5 giving up the bishop pair but simplifying down.
  • (c)something else
After 21.hg

After 21.hg

Position 2

After 29..g6(Diagram)

How should White continue?

  • (a)30.Rf3 supporting the thematic f4-f5 break
  • (b)30.Rd2 preparing to transfer the rook to either the a,h-files
  • (c)something else
After 29..g6

After 29..g6


Berlin Defence(C65) 4.d3 Bc5

The Qe2/0-0-0 plus a kingside pawn storm is a popular plan to try and kill the solid Berlin Defence.

After 18.Kb1(Diagram)

White is lined up the push the kingside pawns and force the issue using the h-file. How should Black respond?

After 18.Kb1

After 18.Kb1


The issue in this game is how to defend against a 2600 who is about to throw everything at the kingside.

Two Knights Defense

After 24.b3(Diagram)

White is about to swing over to the kingside for the attack. The queenside pieces are a bit congested. The Bb6 is passive and the Rb8 is doing nothing special. White has a few ideas based on handy rook lifts like Rg3 or Rh3 and can of course aim for f4-f5-f6 breaking open the kingside.

How should Black react?

  • (a)24..Qe6
  • (b)24..Qf5
  • (c)something else
After 24.b3

After 24.b3

BTCh 2016


A Törekvés Művelődési Központban megkezdődtek az idei szezontól Ádám György nevét viselő Budapesti Ifjúsági Sakk Csapatbajnokság küzdelmei.

Aquaréna KSC II – MTK Budapest I 2:2
Barcza GSC I – MTK Budapest II 3,5:0,5
Barcza GSC II – Aquaréna KSC I 3:1
Sárkány DSE – Pénzügyőr SE I 4:0
Óbudai SI – Csepeli TK 1,5:2,5
HÜSI SC – Pátyi SE 1:3