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TWIC 1238 Hungarians in Action

The latest issue of TWIC is ready for download

Selected games


Berlin Endgame

29th Czech Open A 2018 rd8

Kozak made it look easy in the ending

After 20.Bxc3(Diagram)

The Ra8 does not seems to be doing much and the Nh4 is out on the edge of the board. One might wonder what Black has as compensation for the doubled c-pawn.

What do you recommend for Black?

After 20.Bxc3


Improve Your Practical Play in the Middlegame-Dreev(Thinkers Publishing 2018)

Improve Your Practical Play in the Middlegame-Dreev

This is new book for those working on improving their level.


From Chapter 6-A Mixture of Subjects

Dreev recommends that readers analyse the games carefully, paying special attention to the variations. Here is a game from the chapter with attention given to the variation after 18..Qh6 that Dreev considers in detail



EU-ch 14th(variation) Legnica 2013

Cambridge Springs Defence

After 23.Qxc6(Diagram)

What do you recommend for Black? and more importantly what is your supporting reasoning?


After 23.Qxc6

TWIC 1237 Hungarians in Action

The latest issue of TWIC is now available

Selected games feature the Hungarian rapid ch mostly


Leningrad Dutch

ch-HUN Rapid 2018 rd9

After 30..Qe6(Diagram)

White has invaded and is clearly pressing

What do you recommend for White?

After 30..Qe6


New Books July 2018

The Modernized Caro-Kann-Fernandez,D

A really fabulous book and a must have for Caro-Kann addicts and I suspect 1.e4 players

4..Nd7 gets new life and all facets of the defence get a good going over.

The format is the normal variation tree with excellent explanations as opposed to long engine lines

I saw four complete games(so far) but I am starting from the back.


Play the Semi-Tarrasch Part I and Part II

Part I covers the proper Semi-Tarrasch(D41)

  • 54 games
  • 2 chapters
  • There is a brief discussion of important structures included with chapter 1


Part II covers IQP Semi-Tarrasch

  • 57 games
  • 6 chapters
  • chapters 2+3 have discussions of key structures
  • game 43 is given as Gulko-Kaidanov Niksic 1978(my DB has the game as played in Key West 1994)
  • game 51 Olsen-Sokolov,I VISA GP 1798(1998 is correct year)


Both books have detailed table of contents but otherwise there is no games list/index

The absence of variation trees makes it hard to figure out just what the actual lines are.

Food Porn(Non-Chess)


I was minding my own business(doing some chess) when I noticed this window sign



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TWIC 1236 Hungarians in Action

TWIC 1236 now available

Selected games


English Opening

46th TCh-GRE 2018 rd1

After 27..Rc5(Diagram)

Black has more central space while White has the bishops and the better structure

What do you recommend for White?


July 18 2018



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  • half an avocado
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and meal supervisor

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Background video



This had been on my shelf being ignored for years, which is a shame, as it is excellent.


TWIC 1235 Sicilian Taimanov 7.Qf3

The 7.Qf3 Queen Transfer variation is very popular nowadays


Sicilian Taimanov 7.Qf3 Nf6

Greek Final 8 Team Cup rd3

Safarli played an idea not mentioned in Attacking the Flexible Sicilian so Taimanov players need to take note.


After 12.hxg3(Diagram)

White has some pressure on the h-file and the Na4 is threatening to take the c-pawn or hop into b6

What do you recommend for Black?


TWIC 1235 Nimzo-Indian Defence

Keeping up with Roiz

The Nimzo-Indian by Roiz(Quality Chess 2017) gives a solid repertoire for Black. The following game is relevant to the Roiz repertoire.


Roiz is also working on The Queen’s Indian, scheduled for publication this summer.



Nimzo-Indian 4.Qc2 d5

71st ch-RUS HL 2018

After 18.e4(Diagram)

The Nd5 has just been attacked.

What do you recommend for Black?

After 18.e4

The Positional Rook Ending

The Positional Rook Ending


EU Union-ch 4th 2008

White to play

Although White won, the position is close to equal now. White keeps up the pressure until Black cracks and makes a fatal weakening pawn move.

Key techniques used included

  • king activation
  • gaining space on the kingside
  • rook activation on the c-file and later on the 6th and 7th ranks
  • simplification to a single rook ending