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GM Hoang(HUN) to 2nd Round in Women’s WCh

GM Hoang(HUN) eliminated Ovod in game two of the first round to advance to round 2.

GM Hoang Thanh Trang

Hoang Thanh Trang (2470) – Ovod,E (2384) [D11]
FIDE WCh Women World Cup Khanty-Mansiysk RUS (1.2), 12.11.2012
Hoang played a strong queenless game and ground out a RB-RB ending for the win.

White to play

Khoudgarian,N(CAN) loses Game 2 to Zhao(CHN) and the mini-match 0-2

Khoudgarian,N(CAN) loses Game 2 to GM Zhao(CHN) and the mini-match 0-2 so Zhao advances to Rd 2 of the Women’s World Championship.

Zhao,Xue (2565) – Khoudgarian,N (2138) [D15]
WWC Khanty-Mansiysk (1.2), 12.11.2012
Black chose a rare interpretation of the …a6 Slav and was ground down in the ending. The kingside pawns are vulnerable. How do you continue?

White to play

Khoudgarian,N(CAN) at Women’s World Cup 2012

Khoudgarian, Natalia will represent Canada in the Women’s World Cup. She represented Canada at the recent 2012 Olympiad in Istanbul.

Natalia Khoudgarian (born 1975 in Moscow, Russian SFSR) is an Armenian chess player,[1] who is one of the top female chess players in Canada. She holds the FIDE Woman International Master title. She represented Canada at the Women’s World Championship 2006, 2012 and at the Women’s Olympiads (1996, 2006 and 2012).- From Wikipedia-Natalia Khoudgarian

Photo 123people

Eight players from Americas Chessbase News
40. Arribas Robaina, Maritza (CUB) (Continental)
41. Zatonskih, Anna (USA) (Zonal 2.1)
42. Abrahamyan, Tatev (USA) (Zonal 2.1)
43. Krush, Irina (USA) (Zonal 2.1)
44. Khoudgarian, Natalia (CAN) (Zonal 2.2)
45. Castrillon Gomez, Melissa (COL) (Zonal 2.3)
46. Aliaga Fernandez, Ingrid (PER) (Zonal 2.4)
47. Lujan, Carolina (ARG) (Zonal 2.5)

Here is a game from the 2012 Olympiad.

Khoudgarian,N (2158) – Zatonskih,A (2512) [C09]
40th Olympiad Women Istanbul TUR (6.15), 03.09.2012
Black has the better minor piece and a central pawn majority. What is black’s plan? How should black play?

Black to play