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GM Master Class-Flohr,S

Here is a model anti-IQP endgame from Flohr.

Flohr,Salo – Pirc,Vasja
Queen’s Gambit Declined[D62]
Podebrady Podebrady (16), 24.07.1936

Position 1
An isolated QP ending has begun. What plan do you suggest for white?

White to Play


Position 2
White has made some progress on the queenside. What should white do next?

White to Play


GM Master Class-Flohr,S

Here is an important classical ending played by Flohr,S in model fashion.

Flohr,Salo – Botvinnik,Mikhail
Moscow/Leningrad m Leningrad (6), 1933

Position 1
White has a space advantage and the bishop pair. There are no tactics. This is a question of endgame knowledge and understanding. How should white conduct the game?

There is no single solution. The game illustrates many typical and thematic facets of bishop pair and general endgame play.

  • Using the king
  • Play on both wings
  • Taking away knight outposts
  • Fixing pawns as targets
  • Creating a second front
  • Outside passed pawn
  • Bishop pair working on an open board
  • Slow unhurried play

White to Play