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FIDE GP Beijing Rd7-GM Leko(HUN)

TWIC 975
Here is GM Leko’s only victory in Beijing.

More About the FIDE GP Beijing
GM Peter Leko and GM Sergey Karjakin analyzing their game of round 7. FIDE Grand Prix Beijing 2013. Interviewer: Anastasiya Karlovych.

Leko,P (2737) – Karjakin,Sergey (2776) 
Quen’s Indian 5.b3 Bb4+ 6.Bd2 Be7 7.Bg2 c6 8.Bc3 d5 9.Nbd2 [E15]
FIDE GP Beijing 
Beijing CHN (7.1), 11.07.2013

Position 1

White is trying to make something out of slightly better piece activity. What do you recommend for white now?

White to Play


TCh-HUN 2012–13 Rd9-GM Berczes,D(HUN)

TWIC 964
GM Berczes pulled of a standard attack using the solid Queen’s Indian.

Amstadt,A (2271) – Berczes,D (2528)
QID 4.e3[E14] By Transposition
TCh-HUN 2012–13 Nagykanizsa HUN (9), 21.04.2013

Position 1
Black has given up a bishop to tear open the kingside but how should the attack be continued?

Black to Play

Budapest TCh 2012-13 Monday League Final Board 4

Rakospalotai AC 3-Vizugyi SC 3
Board 4
I managed to make a nerve racking draw in the end as our team managed a 3-3 tie.

Ritter,G (2111) – Yip,M (2009)
QID 4.g3 Bb7-9…f5[E19]
BTCh Div IV (9.4), 10.04.2013

Position 1
Black’s kingside is wide open and the queenside pawns are broken. White has compensation for the pawn invested at a minimum and is looking for more. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play

Karpos Open 2013 Rd3,GM Kozul Z-TWIC 958

TWIC 958

The 5.Qc2 has exploded in popularity in recent years and remains a hot topic. After reaching the position after 14…Nd8(diagram), GM Kozul played the thematic square clearing pawn sacrifice 15.e6!? at the Karpos Open and won a tense game.


Here is the feature game.

Kozul,Z (2608) – Tesik,C (2366) 
Queen’s Indian 4.g3 Ba6 5.Qc2[E15]
Karpos Open 2013 Skopje MKD (3.29), 10.03.2013

Position 1
White sacrificed a pawn early in the game and obtained some pressure. What do you recommend for white now?

White to Play


Josef Varosi Open 2013 Rd4


i tried as hard as I could to break down white’s defenses but in the end could not and offered a draw. This was quite disappointing as I had the advantage(or so I thought) for most of the game.Here’s my round 4 game.

Kokeny,N (1746) – Yip,M (2009) 
Queen’s Indian Hybrid[E13]
Josef Varosi Open (4), 16.03.2013

Position 1
The has been going well for black. There is some pressure on the kingside and white’s pawn structure is compromised. What do you recommend for black now?

  • 35…e4(flank attacks require the center be closed)
  • 35…ed(Black needs to create a second front and should not mind undoubling white’s c-pawns)
  • 35…cd(Black needs to create a second front and should not mind undoubling white’s c-pawns)
  • Something else
Black to Play


Bundesliga 2012-13 Rd10-Izsak,G(HUN)

TWIC 955
Postny was ruthless in exploiting a lead in development and the strong bishop pair on an open board.

Postny,E (2647) – Izsak,Gyu (2471) 
Queen’s Indian 6…d5 [E17]
Bundesliga 2012–13 Eppingen GER (10), 24.02.2013

Position 1

White has completed development and has a menacing looking pair of bishops. Black needs one more tempo to bring Ra8 into play and then …Ne6 and …c5 may follow with black having a satisfactory position. What do you recommend for white?
  • 18.a3(to follow up with b4 to restrain …c5 and keep Bb7 passive)
  • 18.Bf5(to clear the e-file and challenge the coming …Ne6)
  • Something else

White to Play


Tata Steel 2013 Group A

Here’s Aronian’s nice endgame win over Leko from Tata Group A. For more see Tatasteelchess. The site has a fantastic gallery.

Aronian obtains a better pawn structure but Leko has the bishop pair for an active defence. Later the ending is BN-BB but with Aronian having an extra pawn.

Aronian,L – Leko,P

Aronian,L (2802) – Leko,P (2735)
4.g3 Ba6 5.Qc2 c5[E15]
75th Tata Steel GpA Wijk aan Zee NED (6.3), 18.01.2013

Position 1

White to Play


Position 2

White to Play


Budapest TCh 2012-13 Div I Rd6 RAC1-Fabulon

Fabulon – RAC I 6:6 bssz Budapest Chess Federation
[All results and other news on Budapest(Hungarian language) can be found at]

  Here is my rd6 game from this morning.

I. osztály Lilienthal csoport

Újpesti KSE – Vasas SC II 4:8
Pénzügyőr SE III – BEAC III 5,5:6,5
Fabulon – RAC I 6:6
Sárkány DSE II – Honvéd ASE 6:6
REAC – Barcza GSC I 8:4
Tabáni Spartacus II – SENSE I 2,5:9,5

When I left RAC I was down 6-5 with Radnai,A still playing with an extra pawn in a R(4Ps)-R(3Ps). Radnai later won his game as we tied the match 6-6. This was a great results as one of our players did not play due to problems finding the playing site.

Yip,M(2062) – Bodrogi,L (2060)
Queen’s Indian 4.a3[E12]
BTCH Div I (6)[RAC 1-Fabulon], 20.01.2013

Position 1
White has a strong attack going on the light squares and black is helpless. How should white continue the attack?

White to Play


Vandoeuvre Open 2012(FRA) Rd4, IM Hambleton(CAN)

Here is Hambleton’s Rd4 game.

Queen’s Indian[E15]
Vandoeuvre Open (4), 03.01.2013

Position 1
White is planning to pile up on the c-pawn with 24.Rfc1. How should black respond?

Black to Play


Hungarian TCH 2012-13 Rd5

Here’s an example subtle endgame play from the new Hungarian champion Berkes,F.

White gets nothing appreciable from the opening and offers a queen trade. The ending seems rather harmless but a closer look at the game reveals many subtle points.

Enjoy the game.

Berkes,F (2685) – Kovacevic,A (2549)
Queen’s Indian 7.Bd2 Bf6[E17]
TCh-HUN 2012–13 Paks HUN (5), 02.12.2012

Critical Position 1
The queen’s have just been traded off. Now is it safe for black to take the c3 pawn with 22…Bxc3?

Black to Play

Critical Positon 2
White is getting active. The rook is dangerously placed on d7 and Bc3 is attacked. What should black do with the bishop?
-25…Bb4(secures the c-pawn)
-25…Bf6(allows Nxf6 breaking up the kingside and leaves strong bishop vs offside knight)
-Something else
Black to Play
Critical Position 3
White has won a pawn and the technical phase is well underway. What should white do next?
-36.g4 then h4-h5 to fix the kingside pawns on dark squares
-36.h4 then h5 for the same reason
-36.Kf3 bringing in the king for action. The optimal kingside pawn arrangement can be determined later
-Something else
White to Play