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Shogi-How to Play

Shogi is a virtually unknown game. Here is how to play. I tried to grasp the rules but it was very confusing to remember and recognise the pieces.

For more info AncientChess

Also Chessbase has had some Shogi reports

Yoshiharu Habu, 19e Lifetime Meijin in Shogi
Photo and report Chessbase Shogi

Chess and Shogi – GM Alexander Chernin in Japan- by Jacques-Marie Pineau from Kawagoe, Japan
‘…Japan has its own, very popular, version of chess called shogi. Shogi has officially a 400-year history and is considered a traditional art much like tea ceremony or Ikebana. But Shogi is also very contemporary and popular played by millions of Japanese including a few hundred professional players, the best among whom are regarded as celebrities. Yoshiharu Habu and Toshiyuki Moriuchi are respectively the 19e and 18e Lifetime Meijins

To become a Lifetime Meijin you have to win it five times. Emanuel Lasker, Mikhail Botvinnik, Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov would be Lifetime Meijins of chess. Incidentally Habu and Moriuchi are also among the very best chess players in Japan, performing steadily at IM level…’

Garry Kasparov trying his hand at Shogi, against Eiichiro Ishiyama, a 3-dan player