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Budapest TCh 2012 Rd5.2 RAC

Here the Rd5 board 2 game from my RAC team match.

Bea,Boglarka playing in Germany

Black sacrificed her queen for three minor pieces as part of the opening and the game followed a fairly typical course.

Sicilian Taimanov 6.Ndb5[B47]
BUD tch Lilienthal 12/13 (5.2), 09.12.2012

Position 1
White has queenside passed pawns and black has a mass of minor pieces ready to jump into action. Is black ready to break on the kingside? or is it white who will roll on the queenside? What should black do now?

Black to Play


Budapest TCh 2012 Div I RAC Rd5

Here is a game from rd5 board one, in a close match won by my team RAC.

1.b3 e5[A01]
BUD tch Lilienthal 12/13 (5.1), 09.12.2012

Position 1
There is some action on the kingside. How should white continue?

White to Play


Position 2
The kingside has been closed. How should black continue?

Black to Play


Budapest TCh 2012 Div III Rd5

Here is a game by my teammate FM Mihok who usually plays on the top team RAC I but this week was top board for RAC 2.

Mihok is a retired engineer by profession now spending his time teaching chess. He is one of the legions of strong club level players in Budapest that I do battle with regularly as part of my Hungarian chess education.

Falucskai,I (1916) – Mihok,L (2141)
Evans Gambit Accepted[C51]
BTCh III (5.1), 09.12.2012

Critical Position
The pawn count is equal but black has the clearly better pawn structure. White is planning f4 and then Nf3 when black’s forces will be driven back.

What is black’s plan? What do you suggest for black?
-Complete development and squeeze white in the ending
-The kingside looks barren. The correct plan is attack on the kingside
-Something else

Black to Play


Budapest TCh 2012 Rd 5 RAC I

RAC 6.5-Penzugyor SE III 5.5
This was the last game to finish and our team pulled out a victory. FM Mark Lyell played his first game for our team but I was a bit too busy to notice what was happening in the other games.

Overall Results
I. osztály, Lilienthal csoport

Tabáni Spartacus – Újpesti KSE 7:5
Barcza GSC I – Sárkány DSE II 5:7
HASE – Fabulon 6:6
RAC I – Pénzügyőr SE III 6,5:5,5
BEAC III – Vasas SC II 8:4

II. osztály, Bilek csoport
Pestszentlőrinc – Törekvés 7:5
Siketek SC – Rákosliget 9,5:2,5
Barcza GSC II – Sárkány DSE III 6,5:5,5
MLTC III – Csepeli TK 8,5:3,5
Sirály I – A. Láng MKKE 5,5:6,5

A Sirály I csapata idénybeli 3. kontumálásáért 2 büntetőpontot kap.

III. osztály, Szén csoport
Kőbánya SC II – Sirály II 11,5:0,5
ATTE-ARIS – Pestszentimre 6:6
Barcza GSC III – Sárkány DSE IV 9:3
RAC II – SENSE II 8,5:2,5
BEAC V – HÜSI SC III 11,5:0,5
MLTC IV szabad

This was my game from this morning. There was plenty of exitement as I was in clear danger at one point but this was not apparent to me during the game. Both players made mistakes and in the end I trimphed in a sharp RR-RB ending where my work on endings justified itself in a very circular way.

Yip,M (2085) – Donischite,L (2022)
Nimzo-Indian 4.e3 0-0 5.Nge2[E44]
BTCh Div I, 09.12.2012

I continue to play 4.e3 as a new addition to my repertoire and still show not more than a rudimentary grasp of the ideas.

Position 1
White has just offered an ending. What should black do?
-Retreat the queen
-Trade queens
-Something else

Black to Play


Position 2
After 45..Rxg3, play is sharp and black has some counterplay. How should white continue?
-46.Rd7 wins a tempo and the h-pawn
-46.Rd6 attacks the b-pawn
-46.Rc4 to win the c-pawn
-46.Rd3 offering to trade rooks and then win the R-B ending
-Somthing else

White to Play

Position 3
Black is attacking the b-pawn. What do you propose for white?
-54.Rd7(The rooks are about to mate)
-54-Rb8+(let the passed pawn win)
-Something else
White to Play

Budapest TCh Rd4

RAC Results
Vasas SC II – Rákosligeti AC I: 6,5-5,5
HÜSI SC II – Rákosligeti AC II: 1,5-10,5

Radnai won by grinding out out a BB vs R game on board one.
Furedi,Erik won his game with BB-BN and four extra pawns on the kingside.
My game was a quick draw but I was forced to accept my opponents offer as my position could only be worse.

Overall BTCh Results (From bssz)
I. osztály, Lilienthal csoport
Újpesti KSE – BEAC III 2:10
Vasas SC II – RAC I 6,5:5,5
Pénzügyőr SE III – HASE 5,5:6,5
Fabulon – Barcza GSC 8:4
Sárkány DSE II – SENSE I 4,5:7,5
REAC SISE – Tabáni Spartacus II 6,5:5,5

II. osztály, Bilek csoport
Törekvés SE – BEAC IV 3,5:8,5
HÜSI SC II – Sirály I 5:7
A. Láng MKKE – MLTC III 1,5:10,5
Csepeli TK – Barcza GSC II 6:6
Sárkány DSE III – Siketek SC 7:5
Rákosliget – Pestszentlőrinc II 5:7

III. osztály, Szén csoport
Sirály II – BEAC V 3,5:8,5
HÜSI SC III – RAC II 1,5:10,5
Sárkány DSE IV – ATTE-ARIS 4:8
Pestszentimre – Kőbánya SC II 4,5:7,5

Here’s my game

Yip,M (2085) – Basco,G (2152)
BTCh (4), 25.11.2012
White went for a symmetrical structure and a slight advantage but as the game progressed, I kep missing little details.

Critical Position
The position looks completely equal. What do you propose for white?
White to Play

BTCh Division I: RAC I 4- BEAC III 8-Rd3 2012-11-11

RAC I got crushed by the defending champion BEAC 4-8. I won my game which I should have lost quickly but this was not enough. The round started with a bit of organizational drama as my team Rakosligeti(RAC) did not have any scoresheets so some had to be brought from another playing site.

Our top two boards drew
1. Radnai vs Kormos,A drew in Sicilian sideline that went to an early queenless game.
2. IM Szabolcs,J drew with a slightly better position
3.Szepes,T won with black
5.Mihok,: lost
10.Kun,S was a quick draw.

I had a go taking some pictures with a borrowed camera so hopefully these will be added later.

Other Results
I. osztály, Lilienthal csoport
REAC SISE – Újpesti KSE 7,5:4,5
Tabáni Spartacus II – Sárkány II 4,5:7,5
SENSE I – Fabulon 2,5:9,5
BGSC I – Pénzügyőr SE III 8:4
HASE – Vasas II 5:7

II. osztály, Bilek csoport
Rákosliget – Törekvés 3,5:8,5
Pestszentlőrinc II – Sárkány III 8,5:3,5
Siketek SC – Csepeli TK 6:6
BGSC II – A. Láng 6,5:5,5
Sirály I – BEAC IV 6,5:5,5

III. osztály, Szén csoport
Pestszentimre – Sirály II 9:3
KSC II – Sárkány IV 9:3
RAC II – BEAC V 3,5:8,5
ATTE-ARIS szabad

Szilvasi,T (2156) – Yip,M (2085)
Division 1 BTCh (3), 11.11.2012
The game was was a sloppy effort by two sleepy heads having an early morning duel. White was clearly winning but missed the chance(s) to crush me and I made a comeback by inducing some complex play. Eventually white got a bit disoriented and won a pawn but lost the initiative. Black got an attack going and white followed up with a couple of unforturnated errors. Eventually I won the resulting Q(4Ps) vs RN(2Ps) ending as white could not construct a fortress.

Now black is on the attack. How should the game continue?

Black to Play