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Bundesliga 2012-13 Rd13,GM Berkes F(HUN)

TWIC 961

The Be3 exchange variation continues to be popular and now 9.Nd2!? is the latest wrinkle. Black’s queen sacrifice has been played more than once but I don’t see the appeal.

Berkes,F (2679) – Baramidze,D (2615) 
Grunfeld Exchange 8.Be3 Qa5 9.Nd2 [D85]
Bundesliga 2012–13 Schwetzingen GER (13), 05.04.2013

Position 1

Black has made a queen for RN+P sacrifice and now the question is how should white arrange his forces. The next few moves are critical. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play

Bundesliga 2012 13 Rd 13-Horvath,P

TWIC 931

Horvath P played some simple chess to score a nice win. The plan was simply to push the kingside pawns to gain space.

Horvath,P (2434) – Bulski,K (2547) 
Grunfeld 5.Bd2[D85]
Bundesliga 2012–13 Schwetzingen GER (13), 05.04.2013

Position 1

Black’s position looks solid but look harder. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play


Dallas FIDE Open 2013 Rd1-GM Berczes,D(HUN)

TWIC 957
GM Berczes,D dominated the whole board and won a nice ending in the first round of a Dallas tournament. He has 4.5/8 so far.

For standings see CanadaChessNews Dallas-fide-open-2013-rd8-standings

Here is the game.

Berczes,D (2526) – Arvind,C (2279) 
Grunfeld/Schecter Slav[D94]
UTD Turner GM Invitational 2013 Richardson USA (1), 09.03.2013

Position 1
Black made a bid for freedom with 22…e5 after being caught in an endgame squeeze. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play


Reykjavik Open 2013 Rd4-Kislik(USA)

Black’s kingside defenders were stripped away as white mounted a kingside attack to decide quickly as Kislik won in rd4.

Kislik,Erik Andrew (2359) – Frick,Renato (2075) 
Grunfeld Exchange[D85] 
Reykjavik Open 2013 Reykjavik, Iceland (4.44), 21.02.2013

Position 1
The offside Na5 and bare kingside are the strategic hints for white to begin the attack. What do you suggest for white?

White to Play


Rakosmente Open 2013-02 Rd4

Here is my rd4 effort. Although the game looks like a harmless quick draw, there were many hidden little points which I did not notice during the game.

Onguti,Selchuk (1626) – Yip,M (2019)
Grunfeld 4.Bg5 Ne4[D80]
Rakosmente Open (4), 09.02.2013

Position 1
The position is sharp and unbalanced but black has the inferior structure and must play precisely. What do you suggest for black?

Black to Play


Position 2
Black has some compensation for the exchange but cannot afford to play quietly. What do you suggest for black?

Black to Play


Groningen 2012 Rd9-GM Hansen,E

Here is GM Hansen’s clutch rd9 Groningen win with a sharp Grunfeld.

Michalik,P (2508) – Hansen,Eric (2539)
Grunfeld Russian System 7…Nc6[D97]
Groningen Open A Groningen NED (9.4), 30.12.2012

Position 1
Black has a pawn and the queenside majority as compensation for the exchange. How should black respond to the 39.a3 challenge?

Black to Play


Canadian Jr Ch 2012 Rd1

Here is the only decisive game from Rd1 won by Michael Kleinman.

FM Kleinman,Michael
‘Michael is the most talented and hard-working of the three chess-playing Kleinman brothers who make up the “Norsemen”. Kleinman is third on the Ontario under-18 list and eighth on the national Junior list.
He earned the FM title in 2011, and has been improving rapidly, gaining some 150 rating points in the last year, when he tied for 3rd-5th in the Canadian Youth U-18 chess championship with 4.5/7, won the 2011 Ontario Junior, and tied for 1st-3rd with Roman Sapozhnikov and Nikolay Noritsyn at the Guelph Fall ProAm.
In 2010, he was the Ontario 2010 Closed champion.(more)’ See Cjcc 2012

Grunfeld g3 7.Qb3 Qb6[D78]
2012–13 Canadian Junior Chess Championship Toronto(1),26.12.2012

Position 1
The Rb7 can be considered active or out of play. Black will soon play …e5 to undermine the c-pawn and the central pawn chain will collapse. What do you suggest for white?

White to Play

Position 2
The ending is very complicated. Ne7 is trapped and Rb7 is out of play. The central pawn chain is also being undermined in light of the coming …ed. What should white do?
White to Play

Verifying Schandorff-Grunfeld:Playing 1.d4 The Indian Defences

Here is Game #33 from Playing 1.d4 The Indian Defences(Quality Chess 2012).

Brunsteins- Neven
Grunfeld Russian System 7…Bg4 8.Be3 Nfd7 9.0–0–0 c6 [D98]
Corr email 2009

Position 1
There is an attack in the air on the kingside. How should white proceed?

White to Play


Verifying Schandorff on the Grunfeld Defence:Playing 1.d4

The Grunfeld Defence is a tough nut to crack for the 1.d4 player. Schandorff proposes some ideas in the 5.Qb3 Russian System.

9.0-0-0 is idea against the Smyslov variation in the Russian System.

Here Game #35 Playing 1.d4 The Indian Defences(Quality Chess 2012).

Grunfeld Russian Sysem 7…Bg4 8.Be3 Nfd7 9.0–0–0 Nb6[D97]
Ch-RUS Rapid Olginka RUS(11),26.04.2011

Position 1
The queen regrouping Qc5-g5 has given white attacking chances. What do you suggest for white now?

White to Play


Verifying Schandorff:Grunfeld Russian System 7..Na6

Playing 1.d4 The Indian Defences(Quality Chess 2012) presents a wealth of repertoire ideas. Here let’s take a closer look at the Russian System against 7…Na6 in the Grunfeld.

Schandorff  recommends 15.a3!? against the Prins(7..Na6) and analyzes an old correspondance game to support this idea.

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5 4.Nf3 Bg7 5.Qb3 dxc4 6.Qxc4 0–0 7.e4 Na6 8.Be2 c5 9.d5 e6 10.0–0 exd5 11.exd5 Re8 12.Rd1 Bf5 13.d6 h6 14.Bf4 Nd7 15.a3

Let us see the key game (#39 in Playing 1.d4 The Indian Defences).

Ihlenfeld,Eckart (GER) – Bekemann,Uwe (GER)
Grunfeld Russian System 7…Na6 [D97]
Germany BFM corr BdF, 1998
The fast advance of the d-pawn is a double-edged sword. The pawn has a disruptive cramping effect but can itself become a target.

Position 1
Here I am proposing an novelty for black as an improvement. In the game black played 16…Nb8 but I think black can do better. What do you propose?
-Stay with 16…Nb8
-Play a different(better) move

Black to Play