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Cappelle La Grande 2013 Rd9-Papp,P(HUN)

Here is Petra Papp’s tough rd9 game.
Papp held her own in the early part of the game playing aggressive and creative defence. In the ending, small inaccuracies cost the game.

Grigoryan,K2 (2531) – Papp,Petra (2280) 
Italian 9.h3 Ne7[C54]
29th Open Cappelle la Grande FRA (9.29), 02.03.2013

Position 1
White has just infiltrated with 38.Rh7 and it is up to black to find an accurate defence. How should black defend?

Black to Play


Position 2
The pawn structure says it all. How should white proceed?

White to Play


Cappelle La Grande 2013 Rd8-Papp P(HUN)

TWIC 956

Hungarian Women’s Champion WGM Papp,Petra scored 5.5/9 at the Cappelle la Grande Open. In round 8, she ground down Barlov in a tough RBB-RNN ending.

Papp,Petra (2280) – Barlov,D (2461) 
Sicilian Kan 5.c4 Nf6 6.Nc3 Bb4 7.Bd3 [B41]
29th Open Cappelle la Grande FRA (8.47), 01.03.2013

Position 1
White is a pawn up but the passed a-pawn is firmly blockaded. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play


CanadaChessNews Blog March 2, 2013

CanadaChessNewsThis is my blog on Canadian Chess News.

GM Hansen,E(CAN) tied for first with 7/9 in a group 8 players with the same score for a truly fantastic result.
Top Standings and many Hansen games.

Cappelle La Grande 2013 Rd1

Rd1 Cappelle-chess 2013
GM Hansen(CAN) won his first game- Canadachessnews Cappelle-la-grande-2013-rd1

Also playing are

  • Papp,Petra(HUN)
  • Kojima,Shinya(JPN) who is living in Budapest-See his annotated games
  • Shinyakojima-blog

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