Typical Day

First thing is first.

Eat some breakfast.

Workspace_1 (1)


Sorting out what should be done over the next few days is next.

Workspace_1 (2)

My chess work area

New in Chess table. Very important. Could be something important happening. or just interesting…

Workspace_1 (3)

Other things to read and some magazines in case I have guests

The Grunfeld is a problem for me. Maybe I should be playing it. The Modern has been on my bookshelf doing nothing for a while now, just sitting there doing nothing.

Workspace_1 (4)

Other projects getting ready to go. Tiger’s Modern and The Grunfeld Defence

The bishop on g7 seems quite strong.

Workspace_1 (5)

The Modern Defence against the Game of Thrones formation

I really should finish this Sokolov book too. Seems I have too much to do and not enough time.

Workspace_1 (6)

Ivan’s Chess Journey has made it all the way to my desk.

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