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North American Open Las Vegas 2012 Rd8

Here is another Cheng,Bindi game, this time from round 8 with Cheng on the white side. White had chances to take the upper hand in the topical g3 line. 

Cheng also has a Youtube Channel for chess Youtube barkyducky 

IM Cheng,Bindi(CAN)

Cheng,Bindi (2397)-Molner,M (2479)
Benoni g3 [A64]
22nd North American Open Las Vegas USA (8.11), 29.12.2012

Position 1
The position is tense. The mobile pawn center is white’s major weapon. What should white do next?

White to Play


Position 2
The battle lines are clearly marked. Black wants to destroy the pawn center and white’s king. White wants to push forward. How should black proceed?

Black to Play



North American Open Las Vegas 2012

IM Bindi Cheng(CAN) was on both sides of the Benoni in the North American Open Las Vegas 2012. Here is one of his games.

IM Cheng,Bindi(CAN)
Photo-Botez,A twchesssafari

Hammer,J (2633)-Cheng,Bindi (2397)
Benoni 7.Bf4 [A61]
22nd North American Open Las Vegas USA (7.4), 29.12.2012

Position 1
White has a stable endgame edge to work with. Black’s pawn structure is weak and the passed a-pawn is a key factor. How should black defend?

  • 25…d5 liquidating pawns
  • 25…Ra8 activating the rook
  • 25…Nc6 activating the knight
  • -Something else