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Canadian Youth Chess Ch(CYCC)

Get ready for the WYCC!

From the Chess Federation of Canada 2013-cycc

How do I qualify to take part?

Participate in a regional youth chess championship (YCC) and achieve a score that meets a minimum threshold. A 50% score is typically the standard for moving on to provincial and/or national competition. If a qualifier is unavailable in your area, it is easy to run your own!

The Chess Federation of Canada’s Youth Coordinator, Patrick McDonald, explains:

I am happy to announce a new initiative to help encourage organizers such as yourself to organize more qualifiers to send Canadian youth to the Canadian Youth Chess Championships (CYCC).

We are trialing this year a new economical option for running your official qualifier: This new option will be just a $2 per registrant cost to be an official qualifier. As always, your qualifier needs to be registered as a qualifier with either me or the CFC office in advance of running it.

We would also like to announce your qualifier on the CFC website so a good advance notice of the event should be sent in to the office (and feel free to copy me in on it too).

So, the options open to you are as follows:
  1. the full package of goodies* (medals, organizer shirt, give-aways for participants), with $6 per participant ($200 min, $400 max).
  2. the economy model, $2 per player, no minimum or maximum
  3. in both cases, if the ratings submission is other than electronic, there is an additional charge of $1 per player.


Canadian Open 2013,CYCC 2013

Canadian Open 2013,CYCC 2013 Ottawachess2013
Time to make plans! Ottawa hosted a great Canadian Open in 2007 and will do so again in 2013.

CYCC 2013
Want to go to the WYCC? This is where it starts.

Get ready to be on the next WYCC team…

Jason Cao

Ashley Tapp
IM Richard Wang

Canadian Open 2007 Final Report by Peter Hum Chessbase Report

GM Bu, receiving the trophy from Chess Federation of Canada President Hal Bond

‘Nearly two weeks ago, a certain Susan Polgar was in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, presiding as the honorary chair of the 2007 Canadian Youth Chess Championship. The talk over dinner turned to the upcoming 2007 Canadian Open Chess Championship, a ten-round, one-section event that would feature more than twenty Grandmasters, including five from the exalted above-2650 ranks: GM Bu Xiangzhi of China, GM Nigel Short of Great Britain, GM Vadim Milov of Switzerland, GM Kamil Miton of Poland and GM Sergey Tiviakov of the Netherlands. Who did Polgar favour to win? Her answer was short and sweet: Bu….(more)

GM Shirov is no stranger to Ottawa