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Endgame Study 2-Tomalty(CAN) 2012

Another endgame composition from Alan Tomalty(CAN) posted originally on the Chesstalk Message Board

Some words from Alan
‘I retired from government life and have been a chess teacher for the last 5 years both in elementary French and English schools as well as personal one-on-one tutoring. I have recently developed an advanced chess course for players up to master level that has 331 strategical and 434 tactical chess positions ordered by difficulty. All have been checked by Houdini and are clearly the best moves in the position. The strategical positions cover every known concept of strategy and the tactical positions cover all known tactical motifs.’

Alan Tomalty
2007 Canadian Open Championship, Ottawa
Photo by David CohenCanadianChessBiographies

Study – White to Play and Win
Ottawa Canada, 25.11.2012

Tomalty,A(CAN) on Nunn Study

Al Tomalty claims to have busted a study analyzed by GM Nunn-per Message Board Chesstalk

2007 Canadian Open Championship, Ottawa
Photo-David Cohen. See Canadianchess-ChessBiographies

White to Play