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EICC 2013 Rd6-Papp Ga(HUN)

TWIC 966
GM Papp,Gabor won a nice ending in rd6 of the recent European Individual CC.

More on Papp,G

Here is the feature game.

GM Papp massaged black down based on better pawn structure in a RB-RN ending.

Papp,Ga (2570) – Tomashevsky,E (2719) 
Caro-Kann Two Knights [B11]
14th Euro Indiv 2013 Legnica POL (6.36), 10.05.2013

Position 1

White has the better pawn structure. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play


Verifying Schandorff on the Grunfeld Defence:Playing 1.d4

The Grunfeld Defence is a tough nut to crack for the 1.d4 player. Schandorff proposes some ideas in the 5.Qb3 Russian System.

9.0-0-0 is idea against the Smyslov variation in the Russian System.

Here Game #35 Playing 1.d4 The Indian Defences(Quality Chess 2012).

Grunfeld Russian Sysem 7…Bg4 8.Be3 Nfd7 9.0–0–0 Nb6[D97]
Ch-RUS Rapid Olginka RUS(11),26.04.2011

Position 1
The queen regrouping Qc5-g5 has given white attacking chances. What do you suggest for white now?

White to Play