TWIC 1227 Selected Games

TWIC 1227 is now available

Here is a nice endgame


King’s Indian Defence

ch-FRA Rapid 2018 rd8

The position after 19..Bf5(Diagram)

Suggest a plan for White.

After 19..Bf5

After 23..f5(Diagram)

White is up a pawn already but Black can harass the queenside pawns with ..Bb1 ideas and has just made a bid for some activity in the centre.

What do you recommend for White?

After 23..f5

Here is a creative game


Bogo-Catalan 5..Be7

TCh-RUS Premier 2018 rd7

After 25.Rc5(Diagram)

The Nd6 is not inferior to the passive Bg2

Suggest a plan for Black

After 25.Rc5

The Grunfeld Defence


48th Bosna Open 2018 rd5

The g3 Grunfeld is a solid line for Black. Avrukh now is recommending 5.Qa4 in GM2A. Kozul played


which is not considered by Avrukh

After 8..Qb6

The queen endgame was of interest:

After 39.Kh2(Diagram)

Black managed to make something out of pretty well nothing from this queen ending position.

After 39.Kh2

After many little adventures, the following position was reached.

After 84.Qb3+(Diagram)

How should Black get out of check?

After 83.Qb3+

Persistence and Making Something From Nothing



TCh-RUS Premier 2018 rd7

After 22.h3(Diagram)

Black got a solid position and White made luft with his last move and the struggle continued. One might ask what Black has accomplished so far.

The knight has made a small incursion and is making good use of the b4 outpost, but it is hard to imagine how Black can win from here.

And yet he did.

By trying and trying.

After 22.h3

After 40.Ne2(Diagram)

The game had been equal for a long time but now pawns have made contact. The pawn structure is symmetrical there does not seem to be much happening in the position.

What do you suggest for Black?

After 40.Ne2

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