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UNAM MEX Open Report-Hambleton

See Great Report-AmanHambleton Mexico-unam-open
(Report has annotated games)

‘Behind me are the Teotihuacan pyramids…’-Hambleton
Photo from his website report

‘The UNAM Chess Festival was a big event, with 5 different sections as well as a super GM tournament featuring the man himself – Magnus Carlsen. In the months leading up to the tournament I casually stated that Carlsen and I were following similar chess schedules.

The festival took place on campus, and the layout of the room was such that tourists, onlookers, and students going about daily activities could stop by a massive white tent to watch the games. It was similar to an indoor tennis bubble, except with chess inside and doors on either side.

The top 12 boards were DGT broadcasted online, with very nice wooden pieces and a separate stage to distinguish yourself. I have never been to any tournament in my life where chess was such a respected public activity that ordinary people took an interest in….’-

GM Hansen,E(CAN) Rd9 UNAM Open 2012 MEX

Hansen,E earned the GM title earlier this year with a double GM norm at the Olympiad and is a rising star in Canadian chess. He qualified for the World Cup in Mar del Plata in a dramatic playoff and is now on the way to the Panama Open II.

GM Hansen,E(CAN) on the right at Mar del Plata 2012
Here is the Rd9 clutch win by GM Hansen,Eric which put him up to 7/9.

Otero Acosta,D (2443) – Hansen,Eric (2539)
Grunfeld Exchange[D85]
2nd UNAM Open Section I 2012 Mexico City MEX (9.6), 25.11.2012
White played enterprising chess and gambited his e-pawn early for compensation. Eventually black consolidated.

Critical Position
White has just played 34.fg. Things look bleak for white. How should black close out the game?

Black to Play

WGM Gara,T(HUN) in UNAM Open(MEX) 2012

Here is a game of WGM Gara,T(HUN) in UNAM Open recently completed held in Mexico.

WGM Gara,T

Gara,T (2377) – Hernandez Carmenates,Hold (2562)
Sicilian Kan 5.Bd3 g6 [B42]
2nd UNAM Open Section I 2012 Mexico City MEX (3.5), 22.11.2012
Black played the slightly unusual …Nge7 and broke quickly in the center with …d5 to clear out the center.

Critical Position 1
White has a slight lead in development. But what is next? This is a test of understanding and choosing the right plan.

White to Play

Critical Position 2
The ending is in full swing and it is black who is pressing with a slight advantage. The e5 pawn is under attack so how should black react?
-Guard the pawn with …f6
-Trade knights with …Nxd3
-There is a little hidden tactical shot
-Something else

Black to Play

Hambleton(CAN) gets IM title at UNAM Open Mexico

Hambleton,Aman is Canada’s latest IM getting a norm and the title in the UNAM Open.

GM Nigel Short (White) vs. FM Aman Hambleton (Black) at the RA Chess Club in Ottawa June 2012.
Photo Aman Hambleton

‘I made my last IM norm and also scored a GM norm, to finish undefeated with 7/9. Eric Hansen finished in typical style with 4/4 in his last 4 games to complete the comeback and also score 7/9. Despite a rough start he orchestrated his clutch finish like many tournaments previous and finished well. On tiebreaks I finished 3rd, and I’m very pleased with my tournament. The game against Dobrov was the only one I deserved to lose, in round 8, so it was a nice save. I played GMs the last 5 games!-Hambleton from Chesstalk Message Board

Report and standings from Chessbase

Rk Tit Name                                           FED     Rtg       Pts    TB
1 GM Macieja Bartlomiej                        POL     2609    8.5 53.0
2 GM Dobrov Vladimir                           RUS 2496       7.5 51.5
3 FM Hambleton Aman                         CAN 2404       7.0 55.0
4 GM Gonzalez Garcia Jose                   MEX 2497       7.0 50.5
5 GM Alvarez Pedraza Aramis                 CUB 2525       7.0 49.0
6 IM Hansen Eric                                    CAN 2539       7.0 46.0
7 GM Hernandez Carmenate Holden       CUB 2562       6.5 54.5
8 GM Martinez Duany Lelys Stanley       CUB 2463       6.5 52.5
9 GM Gonzalez Zamora Juan Carlos       MEX 2542       6.5 52.5
10 GM De La Paz Perdomo Frank         CUB 2436       6.5 50.5
11 FM Della Morte Pablo                       ARG 2308       6.5 49.5
12 IM Ibarra Chami Luis Fernando         MEX 2473       6.5 49.0
13 IM Perez Garcia Rodney Oscar         CUB 2399       6.5 48.0
14 GM Perez Rodriguez Luis Manuel       CUB 2446      6.5 46.5
15 IM Ruiz C Joshua D                           COL 2332       6.5 45.5
16 WIM Van Weersel Arlette                  NED 2168       6.5 39.5

Hambleton will be very busy as he will play in the Panama Chess Open II from November 27th-December 3rd with GM Hansen,E(CAN). (See Ajedrez Panama)

Starting rank list From Chess-results
No. Name FED Rtg
1 GM Quesada Perez Yuniesky CUB 2604
2 GM Bacallao Alonso Yusnel CUB 2580
3 GM Cordova Emilio PER 2568
4 GM Hernandez Carmenate Holden CUB 2562
5 GM Marin Mihail ROU 2547
6 IM Hansen Eric CAN 2539
7 GM Arencibia Rodriguez Walter CUB 2526
8 GM Almeida Quintana Omar CUB 2519
9 IM Gomez Garrido Camilo Ernesto CUB 2510
10 FM Hevia Alejano Carlos Antonio CUB 2508
11 FM Alarcon Casellas Rolando CUB 2484
12 FM Obregon Rivero Juan Carlos CUB 2480
13 FM Delgado Ramos Hector CUB 2478
14 FM Fernandez Cardoso Alexey CUB 2447
15 IM Prasca Sosa Rafael VEN 2415
16 FM Ruiz Sanchez Orlen CUB 2408
17 FM Hambleton Aman CAN 2404

Here is Hambleton’s game from round 7.

Hambleton,Aman (2404) – Martinez Duany,Lelys Stanley (2463)
Old Indian[A53]
2nd UNAM Open Section I 2012 Mexico City MEX (7.4), 25.11.2012
Mutual attacks have begun and now it’s a race.

Position 1
Start the attack up. It’s first come first served.

White to Play

Position 2
The attack is on the way. You really want to be an IM…so what do you do?

White to Play

2nd UNAM Open 2012 MEX

Results after 5 rounds from TWIC 2nd-unam-chess-festival-2012

2nd UNAM Open 2012 Mexico City MEX Fri 16th Nov 2012 – Sun 25th Nov 2012 Ajedrezunam
Hambleton Aman making some noise is up with the leaders in a 5-way tie for first with 4.5/5. GM Hansen,E is at 3/5.

Orlova Yelizaveta

Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
Rk Name Ti FED Rtg                                                 Pts
1 Macieja Bartlomiej GM POL 2609                          4.5
2 Hernandez Carmenate Holden GM CUB 2562        4.5
3 Alvarez Pedraza Aramis GM CUB 2525                 4.5
4 Guerra Mojena Leandro FM CUB 2382                 4.5
5 Hambleton Aman FM CAN 2404                           4.5

HUN-CAN Players
25 Gara Ticia WGM HUN 2377 3.5
43 Hansen Eric GM CAN 2539 3
55 Botez Alexandra WCM CAN 2015 3
122 Orlova Yelizaveta WCM CAN 1961 1.5