Budapest TCh 6-Board Final Monday League 2014

Hort 3.5-RAC 2.5

Photos by Attila Balla(Captain)

Rakosligeti had to settle for second place in the 6-board Team Ch after getting a tough loss in the final. Strenner played a fabulous game but just could not find the win and eventually lost. Varga got a crushing attack with white against a Najdorf Sicilian with 6.Bg5.

I was was gradually massaged down trying to hold black against 1.Nf3 opening that turned into an English Opening.

The happy RAC team before the game(s) Back Nadasi,Balazs(far left),Yip,Michael, Czismadia,Laszlo,Strenner,Jeno(far right) Bolyai,Istvan(front left), Varga,Vilmos(front right)

I lost on board 5 with black with the last game to finish in a long hard game but I was never really in it. I got a usual passive position that was much worse than I thought in the opening.

After 40.Qa7(diagram) I just could not hold the position. I should have played 40..Qe8! threatening ..Qe3+ and white cannot take the knight. However white can just retreat the queen and black continues to suffer.

After 40.Qa7 Matuska-Yip

I played the more normal 40..Qf7 saving the knight but dropping the b-pawn and there was no amount of wriggling around that could save the game. Both players were down to their last minute(Time control was 90-90) when I made the last blunder and had to resign.

More pics.

Boards 4-6 in action. Bolyai(front right)


Varga(left) on the way to victory


Strenner,Jeno(left) had a winning position but lost


Nadasi(left) did some Sicilian magic for the draw


Czismadia,Laszlo(left) got a professional draw on board 1

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