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These blogs were started Feb-28-2013. The focus will be on openings and defences that I am interested in.



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Bundesliga 2012-13 Rd10-Izsak,G(HUN)

TWIC 955
Postny was ruthless in exploiting a lead in development and the strong bishop pair on an open board.

Postny,E (2647) – Izsak,Gyu (2471) 
Queen’s Indian 6…d5 [E17]
Bundesliga 2012–13 Eppingen GER (10), 24.02.2013

Position 1

White has completed development and has a menacing looking pair of bishops. Black needs one more tempo to bring Ra8 into play and then …Ne6 and …c5 may follow with black having a satisfactory position. What do you recommend for white?
  • 18.a3(to follow up with b4 to restrain …c5 and keep Bb7 passive)
  • 18.Bf5(to clear the e-file and challenge the coming …Ne6)
  • Something else

White to Play


Bundesliga 2012–13 Rd10-Ribli(HUN)

TWIC 955
Ribli energetically exploited the bishop pair and pawn center to win a model game.

Ribli,Z (2554) – Tazbir,M (2555) 
Bundesliga 2012–13 Eppingen GER (10), 24.02.2013

Position 1

White has an imposing looking position while black remains passive but solid. What do you suggest for white now?

  • 18.a4(to continue with a5-a6 to press the queenside in cooperation with the bishops)
  • 18.Nb5(to exploit the undefended a7 pawn and then Nd4 for a powerful centralization)
  • 18.h4(to continue with h5 and open a second front on the kingside given the absence of defenders)
  • Something else

White to Play


Bundesliga 2012-13 Rd10-Balogh C(HUN)

TWIC 955
Balogh makes good use of tactics to underline the initial dark square domination achieved.

Farago,I (2488) – Balogh,C (2664) 
Bogo-Indian 4.Bd2 c5[E11]
Bundesliga 2012–13 Eppingen GER (10), 24.02.2013

Position 1
White is about to win the d-pawn to re-establish material equality. Black has a pinned Ne3 to work with and not much else. What do you suggest for black?

Black to Play


Hungarian TCH 2012-13 Rd7-Szabo K(HUN)

TWIC 955
The French Winawer Poisoned Pawn is a popular line but the attempt to duck massive theory with 11…dc puts black on the wrong end of a sharp line after 12.h4!  Black badly needs a good idea here as white gets big pressure with the simple Rb1/Rg1 formation.

Szabo,Krisz (2541) – Toth,E (2473)
French Winawer 7.Qg4-11..dc [C19]
TCh-HUN 2012–13 Paks HUN (7), 17.02.2013

Position 1
Black’s king has been exposed so white is looking for attacking ideas only now.What do you recommend for white?

White to Play


Hungarian TCH 2012-13 Rd7(TWIC 955)-Nagy G

The new Hungarian junior champion played some dynamic attacking chess to beat veteran GM Pinter. The bishop pair and then opposite color bishops played a key role.

Nagy,Ga (2401) – Pinter,J (2547) 
Semi-Slav Marshall Gambit 8.Ne2 Nd7[D31]
TCh-HUN 2012–13 Nagykanizsa HUN (7), 17.02.2013

Position 1

White has the bishop pair but Ng1/Be1 are not particularly active. What do you suggest for white?
  • 27.Bc3(Immediately activating a passive piece and taking control of the weak dark squares, especially e5)
  • 27.Ne2(The knight should go to c3 while Be1-f2 is good for the dark bishop as Rc8 will be tied down)
  • 27.Qg5(The kingside dark squares are vulnerable and begging to be infiltrated)
  • 27.b3(A patient waiting move that secures the queenside. The optimal arrangement will be more apparent when black commits his king)
  • Something else.

White to Play


TWIC 955 Summary(HUN) 2013

TWIC 955(HUN) INDEX-2013-Feb 26 theweekinchess TWIC
TWIC is the work of Mark Crowther.

The main action was in the team championships with Ribli,Berkes and Rapport having good weekends scoring 1.5/2.

Bundesliga 2012-13 Rds 9-10
Ribli,Z 1.5/2
Berkes,F 1.5/2
Rapport,R 1.5/2
Balogh,C 1/2
Banusz,T 1/2
Acs,P 1/2
Medvegy 0.5/2
Farago 0/2
Izsak,G 0/2

TCh-HUN 2012-13

Reykjavik Open 2013 Reykjavikopen 2013
IM Kislik(USA) has 4.5/8 so far and has been based in Budapest for several years.

29th Open Cappelle la Grande FRA  2013 Cappelle-chess
(No games yet from TWIC)
-Hansen,E(CAN) (See hansenchess for rd 1-4 games)
See canadachessnews Cappelle-la-grande-2013-rd3-gm-hansen for Hansen’s rd3 game: Todorcevic,M(2419) – Hansen,E(2557)


Hungarian Women’s Ch-Papp,P

Budapest TCh 2012-13 Div IV Rd7-Yip

This was played in an unrated league with 6 boards but as is usual in Hungary every match/game is taken very seriously whether rated or not.

I managed to escape with a draw after spoiling a winning position after playing a rather horrible game.

Lakatos,A – Yip,M (2019) 
Sicilian Grand Prix[B23]
BTCh Div IV (7.3), 26.02.2013

Position 1
White has just challenged the strong central knight with 15.Ne2 but clearly black has the better placed pieces considering the out of play Ba4 and passive Rb1. What do  you suggest for black?

Black to Play


Budapest TCh 2012-13 Div I Rd7-Kozak,A(HUN)

Kozak kept pushing a roughly equal position until the passed h-pawn decided in QR-QR play.

Kozák,Ádám (2036) – Zanaty,Zsolt (2172)
Dutch 2.Bg5 g6[A80]
Bp Csb 2012/13 I Lilienthal Budapest (7.5), 03.02.2013

Position 1
Both sides have passed pawns but the h-pawn is further advanced and has ideal rook support from behind. What should white do now?

White to Play


Cappelle La Grande 2013 Rd1

Rd1 Cappelle-chess 2013
GM Hansen(CAN) won his first game- Canadachessnews Cappelle-la-grande-2013-rd1

Also playing are

  • Papp,Petra(HUN)
  • Kojima,Shinya(JPN) who is living in Budapest-See his annotated games
  • Shinyakojima-blog

Photo-Tournament website