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Budapest Chess News 2013-05 Ready for Download

GM Spraggett’s Blog BCN 2013-05
The 2013-05 Chessbase file is ready for download.

Thanks to GM Spaggett for some nice advertising too.

‘Canada’s NUMBER ONE source for Canadian Chess news, games and other information! Started several months ago as an off-shoot of the popular BCN, Yip has revolutionized the way the average Canadian amateur finds out what is happening in Canada! 

Updated daily!

As a short aside, since Yip has started to cover Canadian Chess tournaments and players, the CFC has been scrambling to try to catch up! 

 The CFC website(Newsfeed) has just created a dedicated newsfeed, but so far the editor behind this initiative has stumbled, messed-up and, at times, failed miserably to deliver the right content for the CFC’s members! (more).’

Budapest Chess News 2013-01 Now Available

Budapest Chess News 2013-01 pdf and CBV(Chessbase) files are now available for download from 

These files contain the games and annotations of the 2012-12 blog entries. 


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Introduction 1
Budapest Tournament Price Summary 2012 4
Budapest Team Championship 5
Budapest Tournaments 42
Hungarian Tournaments 64
International News 76
Canadian Corner 111
GM Master Class 156
Theory 168
King’s Indian Saemisch 169
Dutch Defence 181
Sicilian Defence 185
1.d4 d5 Noteboom(D31) 206
Nimzo-Indian 209
Grunfeld Defence 214
Benko Gambit 233
Maroczy Bind via King’s Indian Saemisch 241
Hungarian Tournament Information 246
File Download Sites 246
New Blog 246
Contact 246