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Jersey Masters 2013 Rd9-FM Lyell,M(ENG)

Round 9

Budapest resident FM Mark Lyell scored 4.5/9 against a strong field. GM Hebden played a strong game against Lyell in round 9 and won after a nice massage combined with a strong passed d-pawn.

FM Mark Lyell

Hebden,M (2518) – Lyell,M (2227) 
QGA 7.Bb3[D27]
Jersey Masters 2013 St Clement Bay JCI (9), 10.03.2013

Position 1

White has a strong passed pawn and controls the play. The correct way to continue is not so clear. How should white continue?

White to Play

TCh-AUT 2012–13 Rd11-GM Acs,P(HUN)

TWIC 959
GM Acs,P won every game for rds 8-11. In round 11, he outplayed a GM with black from a harmless queenless position.

GM Acs,Peter

Bindrich,F (2545) – Acs,Peter (2586)
QGA 6.a4[D27]
TCh-AUT 2012–13 St.Veit AUT (11.3), 24.03.2013

Position 1
Black has been slowly making progress in the ending. What do  you suggest for black now?

Black to Play


TCh-SVK Extraliga 2012–13

Here is a nice positional game from TWIC 946 played by GM Zoltan Varga(HUN). Black chooses a QGA sideline and wins seemingly without much effort. Black gives the bishop pair up and then plays against the IQP.

Photo chessdom

QGA 3..c6 4.e3 Be6[D21]
TCh-SVK Extraliga 2012–13 Slovakia SVK(3.2),24.11.2012

Position 1
White has just created a weakness with 30.b6. But what is the correct procedure to exploit this?

Black to Play