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TCh-ROU 2013 Rd2-GM(HUN)

TWIC 982
Here is GM Erdos’s attacking victory in rd2.

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Erdos,V (2650) – Pop,A (2284)
Slav 4.e3[D12]
TCh-ROU 2013
Mamaia ROU (2.1), 01.09.2013

Positon 1
The attack is well under way. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play


Bosna 2013 Rd1-GM Erdos(HUN)

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TWIC 969
GM Erdos applied strong pressure with 8.Bf4 to score a convincing victory. 

Erdos,V (2645) – Kadric,D (2460)
KID g3 6.Nc3 Nc6 7.0–0 a6 8.Bf4 [E63]
43rd Open A Bosna 2013 Sarajevo BIH (1.1), 01.06.2013

Position 1
Black has challenged the strong Nd5. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play


TCh-ITA 2013 Rd7-GM Erdos,V(HUN)

TWIC 965
The feature game was won by rising young star GM Viktor Erdos, part of a new generation of Hungarian GMs

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(Hungarian language)

Erdos,V (2634) – Lenic,L (2617)
Queen’s Gambit Declined[D67]
45th Italian Teams 2013 Bratto ITA (7), 01.05.2013

Position 1
White has a clear P+ and a clearly better position. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play

Neckar Open 2013 Rd4-GM Erdos V(HUN)

TWIC 960
GM Erdos got nowhere for the early part of the game but in the late middlegame, black loosen his position to allow Erdos to swoop in for the win.

Erdos,V (2636) – Zaragatski,I (2467)
Keres Defence 2.c4 Bb4+ 3.Nd2 c5 4.a3 Bxd2+ 5.Qxd2 [A40]
17th Neckar Open Deizisau GER (4.4), 30.03.2013

Position 1
Black’s kingside is looking a bit loose. What do you suggest for white?

White to Play

Bundesliga 2012-13 Rd12-GM Erdos,V(HUN)

TWIC 958
GM Erdos played a strong and consistent strategic game beginning with 6.Bxf6!?, saddling black with doubled pawns for the strong bishop. The real prize was the hole on d5 which Erdos exploited in textbook style.


GM Viktor Erdos
Photo Wikimedia

Here is the feature game.
Erdos,V (2637) – Khenkin,I (2655) 
English Symmetrical Double Fianchetto[A30]
Bundesliga 2012–13 Baden Baden GER (12), 17.03.2013

Position 1
White has the better structure and the b6/d5 outposts for the knight. What do you recommend for white now?

White to Play


Bundesliga 2012-13

Here is a recent effort(TWIC 952) by GM Erdos(HUN), one of the young rising stars in Hungarian chess.

Erdos,V (2637) – Prusikin,M (2545)
Reti vs Queen’s Gambit with …dc[A13]
Bundesliga 2012–13 Berlin GER (7), 02.02.2013

Position 1
White has a massive lead in development for a pawn after 17…Kh8. What do you recommend for white now?

White to Play


Grunfeld Trends 2013-01(TWIC 950)

Here is a game from TCh-AUT (TWIC 950-Jan 22) with GM Erdos(HUN) defending the Grunfeld in the popular Be3 Exchange Variation.

Baramidze,D (2615) – Erdos,V (2640)
7.Nf3 c5 8.Be3[D85]
TCh-AUT 2012–13 Graz AUT (7.1), 20.01.2013

Position 1
After 20…Bf5, black seems to have a satisfactory position with the QBB pointing menacing at the queenside and Nb4 in support. What should white play?

White to Play


Hungarian Ch 2012-11(In Progress)

Here is a game from the Hungarian Ch between the established player Berkes,F(2693) and fast-rising star Erdos,V(2640) .

Berkes,F Bio Echesspedia
Hungarian Grandmaster (2002). World U20 vice champion 2005. Hungarian Champion in 2004, 2007 and 2010. World U18 Champion in 2002. Hungarian U12 and U14 Champion. He won or shared first at Szekszard open 2002, Oberwart 2003, Zalaegerszeg 2004, Subasic Memorial (BIH) 2006. Also he came second in Parks Marx Memorial (HUN) 2004 and 2011 and at Lake Sevan (ARM) in 2009. Berkes is a regular member of the national team since 2000 and he was awarded the bronze for the third best performance at the fifth board at the 2008 Olympiad.
Berkes,F (2693) – Erdos,V (2640)

Grunfeld g3[D78]
62nd ch-HUN 2012 Heviz HUN (1.2), 22.11.2012
The opening seemed harmless with the queen coming off early in the game. The game features a fabulous RR-RR;R-R ending showcasing the method of converting an extra pawn.

Critical Position
White has an extra pawn but black has active rooks as compensation. How should white proceed?

White to Play

Critical Position
Now the R-R phase is well underway. The e-pawn is under attack. How should white react?
-A passive rook retreat Rc4. Follow with bringing the king to the kingside to support a kingside pawn advance.
-Re5 and offer a winning pawn ending
-e5 crippling the kingside pawns
-Activate the rook with Ra5
-Something else

White to Play

GM Erdos,V(2640) in the AUT-TCh 2012-13

From TWIC 939
Erdos scored 2.5/3 in the AUT-TCh 2012-13. One of his games is featured. Erdos is one of the many rising stars of Hungarian chess.

Brief Bio
Hungarian Grandmaster (2007). World U14 Champion in 2001. Hungarian U18 Champion in 2004.

Best results:

  • Zalakaros Open 2006,
  • 1-4th; Budapest FS06 2007,
  • 1st; Open championship of Hungary 2008,
  • 2nd; Neckar Open 2008,
  • 2-10th; Hungarian championship 2009,
  • 4-6th; Berlin GM 2009,
  • 1st; Balaton Open 2009,
  • 1-4th; Gibraltar Open 2011,
  • 4-17th; Zalakaros Open 2011,
  • 1st; Trieste Open 2011, 1st.
Erdos(left) vs Bologan(right) at Gibraltar 2011
Photo and bio- Echesspedia

Erdos,V (2640) – Bosiocic,Mari (2571)
3.f3 d5 Anti-Grunfeld[D70]

TCh-AUT 2012–13 Hohenems AUT (2.1), 03.11.2012

The ending has been reached and white is pushing hard. How should white continue? Improve the king? Open a second front on the kingside? Is there a hidden tactic? Or something else perhaps?

White to Play