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TWIC 1197

Selected Games

A couple of games featuring Hungarian players.


4.Bg5 Pirc Defence(B07)

33rd ECC Open 2017

After 16..bc(Diagram)

White has the better structure and the Bg7 is passive.

How to continue?

After 16..bc


Spanish Arkangelsk(C78)

33rd ECC Open 2017

After 33..Rd8(Diagram)

It is not immediately clear how White should make progress as both sides have weak pawns. White cannot force the creation of a passed pawn easily and has no convenient tactics to win material.

What do you suggest?

After 33..Rd8(Diagram)


TWIC 1197 Oct-17-2017: Spanish Opening

TWIC 1197 is now available.

Spanish Opening


Breyer Variation(C95)

TCh-MNE Premier 2017

After 21..Ned7(Diagram)

Black opening the position up while behind in development and the end came swiftly. What do you recommend?

After 21..Ned7


BTCh 2017-18 Rd2 Oct 15

I contributed a draw for MTK IV and we won narrowly.

Prelimary gathering




Yip,M(CAN) in favorite red sweater

I. osztály, Lilienthal Andor csoport
MTK Budapest III – Aquaréna KSC III 6:6
Csepeli TK I – Pénzügyőr SE III 8:4
Fabulon SC – BEAC II 9:3
Mattolda SSC I – SENSE I 4:8
Palota Sakk I – Sirály SE I 0,5:11,5
Újpesti KSE I – Vasas SC II 5,5:6,5

II. osztály, Bilek István csoport
A. Láng MKKE – Barcza GSC II 7,5:4,5
MTK Budapest IV – Pestszentlőrinc II 6,5:5,5
SENSE II – Törekvés SE 5,5:6,5
Sárkány DSE II – HASE III-Hóbagoly 8,5:3,5
HÜSI SC II – Tabáni Spartacus II 7,5:4,5

III. osztály, Szén József csoport
Sárkány DSE III – Újpesti KSE II 9,5:2,5
Aquaréna KSC IV – Palota Sakk II 8:4
ATTE-ARISZ – Sirály SE III 7:5
HÜSI SC III – MTK Budapest V 4:8

Mattolda SSC II – Barcza GSC III 6,5:5,5
Rákosliget – Pénzügyőr SE IV 4,5:7,5
ART 3F SE – Csepeli TK II 11:1
Pestszentimre – Aquaréna KSC V 8:4

I contributed a solid draw for MTK IV.

Liptak-Yip Board 5

Scotch Four Knights(C47)

After 19..Bd7(Diagram)

White has a chance to do something in an equal looking position.

Can you see how?

After 19..Bd7

TWIC 1196 Open Games/Nimzo-Indian

Open Games

Game 1: Kovchan-Gasanov

Scotch Four Knights

ch-UKR Semi-Final 2017

After 14..cxd(Diagram)

White has the better structure and has an active Re3.

How should White proceed?

After 14..cxd

Game 2: Mamedov-Sepp

Berlin Endgame(C67)

33rd ECC Open 2017

After 17.f3(Diagram)

Black used a typical plan to get equal play but later lost by making an unnecessary pawn gift.

After 17.f3

The Berlin Defence



4.Qc2 b6(E32)

33rd ECC Open 2017

Position 1

After 10..0-0(Diagram)

Black initiated sharp play right out of the opening and is hoping to catch White uncastled. But it is White’s turn and each move is worth its weight in gold.

How should White continue?

After 10..0-0

Position 2

Later in the game the following sharp position arose after 16..b5(Diagram)

Black offers a pawn to open up queenside files to get at White’s king. How should White respond?

After 16..b5


TWIC 1196-Open Games

TWIC 1196 is now available

Spanish Opening


Berlin Defence 4.d3 Bc5(C65)

33rd ECC Open 2017

After 39.Rc1(Diagram)

Black is up an exchange but it is by no means clear that there is a force win.

After 39.Rc1

Much later after 115.Kg4(Diagram)

Black made it look easy from here but the method was quite interesting. I initially thought that White has drawing chances with play only on one wing but the more I look, the it seems like White has little to no chance to hold.

After 115.Kg4

BTCh 6-Board 2017-18 Rd1 Oct 9-2017

MTK 4.5-Sztaki 1,5

The unrated Monday Team events are great for getting extra practice, and I need all I can get.

I went with TWIX over Snickers again and the twin towers of chocolate and caramel were the difference.

I won on board 2. Boards 1,3 were quick draws.


Vienna Gambit 2..Nf6 3.f4

The opening was a surprise as early as move 3 as my empty mind drew a blank and I had to improvise but it seemed like my opponent was of a similar mindset. At some point I was given an exchange and a winning position which I misplayed on the way to a win in the endgame.

After 37.Ke4(Diagram)

I calculated to here previously and had something in mind and then after a double-check of the line things looked pretty good.

Black has a hanging rook and the passed e,f pawns look quite dangerous.

After 37.Ke4

Play 1..d6-Zude,Hickl(NIC 2017)

Play 1..d6 Against Everything

The publication date is 2017, NOT Jan 1,1970 as given by New in Chess.

The material is arranged around 48 annotated games with the 1.e4 repertoire based on the Antoshin Philidor(a quick 4..exd4).

Training Outside the Box

Francia Kreme

Thinking Inside the Box

Chapter 2-The Psychology of Chess Improvement: 

….something about a diet bet …..

Training outside the box needs a little reward.

The Francia Kreme is today’s reward.

TWIC 1195 Oct 3-2017

TWIC 1195 is now available.

Grunfeld Defence


3rd Ceramica Corund Open Rd2

5.h4 c6(D90)

After 18.Be2(Diagram)

White is uncastled but it is not so clear who is attacking whom. How should Black continue?

After 18.Be2

BTCh 2017-18 Rd1

I contributed a win for MTK IV with Black on board 2.

The breakfast TWIX came in handy. The usual practice is for the Team Captain to give a chocolate bar to each player before each round.

Team Captain-Gehér László

There were two matches taking place in the playing hall, the leader of one of the other teams was Kormos,Adam. Sorry I could not figure out who the other teams playing were.

I. osztály, Lilienthal Andor csoport
Vasas SC II – Palota Sakk I 5:7
Sirály SE I – Mattolda SSC I 7,5:4,5
SENSE I – Fabulon SC 4,5:7,5
BEAC II – Csepeli TK I 8:4
Pénzügyőr SE III – MTK Budapest III 5:7
Aquaréna KSC III – Barcza GSC I 6:6

II. osztály, Bilek István csoport
HÜSI SC II – A. Láng MKKE 5,5:6,5
Tabáni Spartacus II – Sárkány DSE II 6:6
HASE III-Hóbagoly – SENSE II 4,5:7,5
Törekvés SE – Sirály SE II
BEAC III – MTK Budapest IV 6:6
Pestszentlőrinc II – Barcza GSC II 4,5:7,5

III. osztály, Szén József csoport
HÜSI SC III – Sárkány DSE III 2:10
MTK Budapest V – ATTE-ARISZ 9,5:2,5
Sirály SE III – Aquaréna KSC IV 5,5:6,5
Palota Sakk II – Újpesti KSE II 2,5:9,5

Pestszentimre – Mattolda SSC II 4,5:7,5
Aquaréna KSC V – ART 3F SE 3:9
Csepeli TK II – Rákosliget 5,5:6,5
Pénzügyőr SE IV – Barcza GSC III 8,5:3,5

Mórocz-Yip board 2

Berlin Defence

After 52.Rf1(Diagram)

Passed pawns must be pushed so i did but White’s last move was a big help.

After 52.Rf1