New Books on the Caro-Kann

Now officially available from New in Chess

A couple of heavy weight books on the solid Caro-Kann Defence.

-352 pages


-416 pages


TWIC 1230 Petroff Defence

Early Queenless Middlegames

An early queen trade is not everyone’s cup of tea.

After 9.Be2(Diagram)

The following position does not look so exiting

After 9.Be2

The following is a nice example of complex queenless play


5.Qe2 Petroff

1st Longtou Cup 2018 rd8

After 12..0-0(Diagram)

In this rather dry looking position White came up with the ambitious plan 13.g4!?

After 12..0-0

After 51..Kh8(Diagram)

Black has the bishop pair but White has a knight pair

What do you recommend for White?

After 51..Kh8

TWIC 1230 Modern Defence

Keeping up with The Modern Tiger


Modern Defence-Austrian Attack

TCh-FRA Top 12 2018 rd9

After 15..Nf7(Diagram)

There is a big fight going in the centre over e5

What do you recommend for White?

After 15..Nf7

Keeping up with The Modern Tiger(2014)

TWIC 1230 Pirc Defence

Keeping up with the Pirc Defence


Austrian Attack

TCh-FRA Top 12 2018 rd5

After 34.Nf1(Diagram)

White played a move not mentioned by Marin in The Pirc Defence(10.Qe1) and proceeded with sharp attacking play

Black took over and had an extra P and the momentum in the late middlegame

What do you recommend for Black now?

After 34.Nf1


TWIC 1230 Hungarians in Action

The latest issue of TWIC is now available

Selected games


c3 Sicilian

37th Zalakaros Open 2018 rd5

After 16.Bb4(Diagram)

White has the bishop pair while Black has the knight pair

What do you recommend for Black?

After 16.Bb4


Dutch Defence

TCh-FRA Top 12 2018 rd6

After 36.Kf1(Diagram)

It is hard to imagine how White’s pieces could be positioned any worse.

What do you recommend for Black?

After 36.Kf1

Coming Soon(Books) from Quality Chess

Available later this year from Quality Chess

The Woodpecker Method


The Woodpecker Method is the name given by Axel Smith to a training system developed by his compatriot and co-author Hans Tikkanen. After training with his method in 2010, Tikkanen achieved three GM norms and gained 100 rating points, all within a seven-week period.

The quick explanation of the Woodpecker Method is that you need to solve a large number of puzzles in a row; then solve the same puzzles again and again, only faster. It’s not a lazy shortcut to success – hard work is required. But the reward can be re-programming your unconscious mind. Benefits include sharper tactical vision, fewer blunders, better play when in time trouble and improved intuition.

This book contains everything you need to carry out your own Woodpecker training. Smith and Tikkanen explain how to get the maximum benefit from the method, before presenting over 1100 puzzles and solutions, all of which have been checked and double-checked for accuracy and suitability.”

Technical Decision Making

The Queen’s Indian Defence

The Sicilian Taimanov

Just released are


TWIC 1229 Philidor Defence


TCh-FRA Top 12 2018 rd1

After 28.Qf5(Diagram)

The position is sharp but White has a rather loose kingside

What do you recommend for Black?

After 28.Qf5

Don’t get stuck in Philidor swamp!


New Books May 29-2018

Available now from New in Chess

Strategic Chess Exercises-GM Bricard,E

90 exercises

  • 1-62 Middlegame
  • 63-90 Endgame
  • Index of themes
  • Index of players


The solutions give all the moves to the game.

I tried 4 middlegame and 2 endgame exercises today

The solutions have plenty of word explanations and have variations to back them up

The exercise positions come from old and not well known games

There are only 90 exercise so I would have been happier with more.

There is no scoring system so readers cannot gauge their progress or level

Exercise 1


Havanna 1967

After 17.Nc3(Diagram)

What plan leads to a large black advantage?

After 17.Nc3

I got the first move(s) and the plan correct but not the finer details. For this exercise I would have scored 2 out 5 pts(2.5 at the maximum) but there is no scoring system.

I like this book and rate it ***(good) out of 5

TWIC 1229 Hungarians in Action

The Week in Chess latest issue is now available.

Selected games


Italian Game

TCh-FRA Top 12 2018 rd3

After 31..Nh5(Diagram)

White has a piece for three pawns and has the position under control. The queenside passed pawns are not a factor and the Nd4 blockades the isolated d-pawn.

What do you recommend for White now?

After 31..Nh5


Slav Defence

TCh-FRA Top 12 2018 rd2

After 30..Qxc5(Diagram)

White is on the attack but the g-file looks blocked. Maybe the passed e-pawn will be a factor in the endgame

What do you recommend for White?

After 30..Qxc5


Lowenthal Sicilian

TCh-FRA Top 12 2018 rd2

After 30..Rb6(Diagram)

The endgame has arrived and the b5-pawn is about to fall

What do you recommend for White?

After 30..Rb6

Applying Logic in Chess-IM Kislik(Gambit 2018)

Now available from New in Chess

Applying Logic in Chess

By IM Kislik now living in Budapest