BTCh Div 4 Rd2: Wesselenyi SK 2.5-Rakosligeti AC 3.5

RAC won the monday night match against the Blind Institute 3.5-2.5 despite fielding only 5 of the 6 required players.

Wesselenyi            RAC
Eros,P     0      –    Nadasi,B 1
Rev,M     +
Vojan,I    0      –     Stenner     1
Nemes,G 0      –    Yip,M      1
Almadi,B 1      –    Szili,A     0
Denes,J    0     –     Balla.A     1

After the round I visited the Hungarian High School Team Ch which was nearby. I was promised some pictures for the blog by one the the coaches-GM Joseph Horvath who was particularly happy as his team was in the lead. The event will last a couple more days.

Here is my game from this evening(Monday Oct 29).

Vemes,G (2007) – Yip,M (2087)
Sicilian Kan[B42]
Division 4 BTCh (2), 29.10.2012

White tried an unsound queen sacrifice early in the opening and is now being pushed back. Black has Q+P for 3 minors pieces and has consolidated nicely.

Black to play

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  1. NB's result (draw) is mistyped and please send me the games after you pgnized them. Thanks: ba

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