GM Erdos,V(2640) in the AUT-TCh 2012-13

From TWIC 939
Erdos scored 2.5/3 in the AUT-TCh 2012-13. One of his games is featured. Erdos is one of the many rising stars of Hungarian chess.

Brief Bio
Hungarian Grandmaster (2007). World U14 Champion in 2001. Hungarian U18 Champion in 2004.

Best results:

  • Zalakaros Open 2006,
  • 1-4th; Budapest FS06 2007,
  • 1st; Open championship of Hungary 2008,
  • 2nd; Neckar Open 2008,
  • 2-10th; Hungarian championship 2009,
  • 4-6th; Berlin GM 2009,
  • 1st; Balaton Open 2009,
  • 1-4th; Gibraltar Open 2011,
  • 4-17th; Zalakaros Open 2011,
  • 1st; Trieste Open 2011, 1st.
Erdos(left) vs Bologan(right) at Gibraltar 2011
Photo and bio- Echesspedia

Erdos,V (2640) – Bosiocic,Mari (2571)
3.f3 d5 Anti-Grunfeld[D70]

TCh-AUT 2012–13 Hohenems AUT (2.1), 03.11.2012

The ending has been reached and white is pushing hard. How should white continue? Improve the king? Open a second front on the kingside? Is there a hidden tactic? Or something else perhaps?

White to Play

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