December 2012 Tournaments in Budapest

The end of the year is almost here. Next month has a couple of tournaments offered. For tournament notices see Hungarian Chess Federation (usually ads are in Hungarian). A bit of effort is needed to decipher to ads but the cheap entry fees are worth the effort.

Coming tournaments for December are as follows

Kőbánya Open 2012. december 14-16
Fordulók rendje:(schedule)
2012. december
14.-én. pénteken 17-20 óra között,
15.-én szombat 9-12, 13-16, 16,30 – 19,30 között,
16.-án vasárnap pedig 9 – 12, valamint 13-16 között.

6 fordulós svájci rendszer.

Krizsány László és Gyömbér Tamás

Időbeosztás:(Time control)
Összesen 3 óra, 2×90 perc a FIDE Quickplay Finish szabályai szerint.

Nevezési díj:(Enrty Fees) 
                                               HUF      EUR        USD/CAN
2000 Fide-élő felettieknek       3.000      10.7        17.8
1600 Fide-élő felettieknek       4.000      14.2        18.3
mindenki másnak(Unrated)       5.000     17.8        22.9

Ifjúsági, női és szenior kedvezmény:(Women and Seniors) 
a nevezési díjból 1.000 Ft. A Kőbánya SC és a REAC játékosai 2.500 Ft nevezési díjat fizetnek

Karacsconyi Open Dec 27-30
7-round Open 90-90 FIDE quickplay

Entry Fee
                     HUF        EUR        USD/CAD
FIDE 2000:    4500         16               20.60

The entry fees in Budapest are a bargain!! There is also a Budapest Tournament discount card for 1,000HUF which wiil get you a 10% off the EF for participating tournaments.

During the year there are many 1 game/day tournaments(Opens and RRs) which are not well advertised but also good value and reasonably priced. I make an effort play in as many tournaments as possible while I live in Budapest.

I plan to play both these tournaments and blog about them.

First Saturday also has a monthly series of RR tournaments- See Firstsaturday Pogramme 2012-2013

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