Hungarian TCh 2012-13 GM Ruck,R Ending

Here is a game featuring strong endgame technique from a harmless Caro-Kann queenless game.

Hungarian Grandmaster (2001).
Hungarian Champion in 2002.

World vice champion U18 in 1994.
Best results:
  • Zagreb 1997, 1st;
  • European U16 1992 and U18 1994, 2nd-4th;
  • Oberwart Open 2000, 2nd
  • Hotel Irotkko GM 2000, 1st;
  • Kladovo 2001, 1st;
  • Hungarian Championship 2003, 2nd-3rd;
  • Bad Wörishofen 2004, 3rd;
  • Los Angeles Metropolitan Open 2011, 2nd-7th.

A participant in the 2004 and 2006 Olympiads.’


GM Ruck,R

Kovacevic,A (2549) – Ruck,R (2567)
Caro-Kann 6.Nh3[B18]
TCh-HUN 2012–13 Mako HUN (4), 18.11.
The game went to queenless play quite early and then black managed to get BN for R with a small combination.

Critical Position
Black must continue the technical phase with purposeful play. White is saddled with an isolated e-pawn but for the moment Ke2 keeps it secure. What should black do?

Black to Play

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