Portuguese Supercup 2012

Here is a game from veteran Canadian GM Spraggett.(See his blog too Kevinspraggett)

Andrade,Jo (2263) – Spraggett,K (2579)
3.g3 c5[A46]

Portuguese Supercup 2012 Mortagua POR (1.1), 08.12.2012

Critical Position
The position is tense. Black has just attacked the queen with 36…Nd4. Black has a menacing looking queen and …Rc2 targeting h2 is in the air. White has a strong Nd5 but does not have good piece coordination to disturb black’s king. The passed b-pawn(s) give some promise in the endgame too if white could last to the ending.

What do you suggest for white?

White to Play


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