TCh-NED 2012-13 Hansen,E(CAN)

GM Hansen,E won his first game in the Dutch League.

GM Hansen,E playing in Panama

Beukema,S (2278) – Hansen,Eric (2502)
Sicilan Kan 5.Be3[B41]
TCh-NED Meesterklasse 2012–13 Netherland NED (5.3), 15.12.2012

Position 1
The position is sharp with mutual attacks underway after white played 32.a4.
Q1 How do you assess the position

  • Unclear and roughly balanced
  • White is slightly better
  • Black is slightly better
  • White is clearly better
  • Black is clearly better
  • Equal
  • White is winning
  • Black is winning

Q2 What should black play now?

Black to Play


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