Verifying Georgiev and Kolev-The Sharpest Sicilian 2012

Here is game #24 from The Sharpest Sicilian 2012(The Sicilian Najforf) from Chess Stars by GMs Kiril Georgiev and Atanas Kolev.


This is a truly fantastic book that explains well, analyzes deeply and gives 46 annotated games as well.

The game was played by Atanas Kolev in 2007.

I did my best to check the analysis of just one game and after an afternoon’s work I’m not sure I found everying or checked every possible nook and cranny. There is tons of deep and original analysis give in the annotated games. I cannot possibily do it justice as an amateur but here are my findings for this game.


Papadopoulos,Ioannis (2450) – Kolev,Atanas (2569)
Sicilian Najdorf English Attack 6.Be3 e5 7.Nf3[B90]
Athens Acropolis op-A 24th Chalkida (3), 12.08.2009


Position 1
Black has initiated complex counteplay with 17…Nxf2. Black is willing to sacrifice the exchange for activity. How should white respond?

  • 18.Qd2
  • 18.Nxd7(as played)
  • 18.Qd5
  • Something else

White to Play

Position 2
Black has some compensation for the exchange and after 21…Bd8 is attacking the a-pawn. How should white respond?
  • 22.0-0(as played)
  • 22.b4
  • Something else
White to Play
Position 3
A sharp RB-RB opposite color bishop has arisen. The f-pawn is under attack after 41.Rd5. How should black respond?
Black to Play

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