Perenyi Memorial 2013-01 Rd3

Here’s my loss for the day. I misplayed the position, misjudged it and then was outclassed in every way during the final endgame phase.

My only consolation was meeting a nice group of players from Kuwait. We went for dinner after the game at ….Hooters.

There to my surprise on the numerous TVs was the end of the NFL Falcons-Seahawks playoff game and the beginnning of the Patriots vs. Texans.

We discussed various aspects of chess life in Hungary and they steadfastly insisted that I was their guest and dinner was on them.

Yip,M (2065) – Czegledi,B (1880) 
Semi-Slav Meran Reynolds Variation[D48]
Perenyi Memorial (3), 13.01.2013

Position 1
Black’s king is a bit far from the action but otherwise everything is going well for black. What should the black continuation be?

Black to Play


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