e4ChessNews and d4ChessNews March 11 2013


TWIC 956
Even a strong player can lose his way in a complex opening like the Sicilian Scheveningen. Here is a recent example.

Noroozi,O (2347) – Ghaem Maghami,E (2568) 
Sicilian Scheveningen 6.Be2 w/Qe1-g3[B85]
21st Fajr Open Mashhad IRI (6.1), 23.02.2013

White to Play


TWIC 944
Schandorff proposes 5.a3 against the Albin Counter-Gambit and this line continues to be popular and successful. White won with a thematic attack in the feature game.

Mirzoev,A (2553) – Bentivegna,F (2335)
Albin Counter-Gambit 5.a3 Bg4[D08] 

33rd Crespi Memorial Milan ITA (6.5), 06.12.2012

White to Play

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