Josef Varosi Open Rd 1 (March 15-17) 2013

74 players are playing in this typical Budapest weekend open. Entries are limited to FIDE under 2200 players, as this is the maximum rating for 90 minutes per game allowed by FIDE rules. 

The entry fee was 3,000HUF less 10% for the Budapest Discount Card that I bought. My ego took a beating as I saw my rating sank to FIDE 2009. When all the entries were processed, I started as the modest #13 seed.

There were two upsets in round 1(at least 2).

Here’s my rd1 game.

Yip,M (2009) – Pasztor,D (1491) 
King’s Indian Saemish [E87]
Josef Varosi Open (1), 15.03.2013

Position 1
White played the early middlegame very aggressively and quickly obtained two monster passed pawns. However, they are in danger of being blockaded and picked off. What do you suggest for white?

White to Play


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