Budapest TCh IV 2012-13 Semi-Final March 18 2013

RAC 4-Hort SE 2
RAC won the match but I managed to contribute only a winning position but not a winning result. In fact the result is quite hard to explain.

The Arbiter-Jenő Bácsi 
Everyone playing(almost)

Bokros,Istvan my opponent just before the round

Here’s my game.

Yip,M (2009) – Bokros,I (2140) 

Benoni 7.Bf4[A61]
BTCh Div IV, 18.03.2013

My opponent, Istvan Bokros has represented the ICSC (International
Commitee of Silent Chess) team at several Chess Olympiads.

Position 1
White has played well and is clearly winning with a healthy P+ and a mobile central pawn majority. My logic was as follows.

The BB pair is passive and the next phase is to neutralize counterplay and activate the bishops. What should white do now?

White to Play


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