TCh-SWE Elite 2012–13 Rd4-GM Berczes(HUN)

TWIC 958
Here is an example of GM persistence in the endgame from GM Berczes played in the TCh-SWE recently. The following balanced queenless position was reached after 21..Rfd8(diagram) and the GM just kept pressing.


Here is the feature game.

Berczes,D (2528) – Eriksson,Jor (2213)
King’s Indian Classical 8.Be3 Ng4[E97]
TCh-SWE Elite 2012–13 Sweden SWE (4), 03.02.2013

Position 1
White kept pushing a sharp unbalanced ending but black is coming to round up the advanced d-pawn after 32…Kf7. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play


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