GM Spraggett Blog Comes Back(!)

GM Spraggett Blog-Has a New Home

Warning-Excellent Chess Content

Hi!  WordPress will now become Spraggett on Chess new home for the present. I intend to also have a parallel blog on Tumblr set up before the end of the month.  

The next week will be a learning process for me as I try to understand all of the new features here that are different from how Blogger does things.  

In particular, the Caissa pgn-view does not seem to work very well in WordPress (as some might have already noticed), and so top on the list is to find a pgn-viewer that will serve as well here in wordpress.   

I have uploaded about 3/4 of my blog archives so far, the rest to be folow sometime in the next week.

As well, I will have to customize this homepage, gadgets, links, favourite sites, downloads, etc. 

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