TCh-HUN 2010–11 Decs HUN (6), 20.02.2011-Strategic Masterpiece

TWIC 851
You have to see this fantastic game. Toth,E plays a strategic masterpiece over the whole board.

More About Hungary

Michael Palin travels to Hungary to take a guided tour of the extravagant parliament building and learn more about its bloody and tumultuous history.

TWIC 851

Game 2/6 FR Advance Review June 2013

Toth,E (2414) – Gonda,L (2550) 
FR Advance 3…b6 4.c3 Qd7 5.Nf3 [C02]
TCh-HUN 2010–11 Decs HUN (6), 20.02.2011

Position 1
White dominates the whole board. What do you recommend for white now?

White to Play


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