Frech Károly Emlékverseny June 22-30, 2013

Frech Károly Emlékverseny June 22-30 [see Ujpestikse]
This RR at the normal 1 game/day pace is one of my favorite events(a bargain at 15EUR!). There is also a small open running at the same time.

With prizes.
-RR(120 mins +30 sec/move)
-Open tournament (120-120)

Entry fee
FIDE 2000-2199: 4,400HUF(15.2EUR)

Last Year’s Action

The playing hall-The RR group is playing on the far left row

The Open section

Pre-registered for Group A
More players needed!

1. KOCZÓ, Kristóf (2269)
2. KORMOS, Ádám (2211)
3. BÁLVÁNYOS, István (2115)
4. NAGY, Áron (2140)
5. YIP, Michael (2007)

10. ZÖLDY, Róbert (1975)

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