43rd Open A Bosna 2013 Rd3-GM Banusz(HUN)

TWIC 969
Jakovljevic tried the Anti-Meran Gambit(or Botvinnik Variation) against the Semi-Slav but was repelled by some tough defence. Banusz chose the less common but playable 12…Qc7 and repelled the attempted attack with ruthless efficiency.

More About Sarajevo-Host of the Bosna Open

Jakovljevic,Vlado (2440) – Banusz,T (2592)
Semi-Slav Anti-Meran Gambit 12..Qb6 [D44]
43rd Open A Bosna 2013 
Sarajevo BIH (3.8), 02.06.2013

Position 1
White went for the attack on the queenside with 19.Qa4. What do you recommend for black now?

Black to Play


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